Thursday, November 1, 2012

Media Room For FRAUD Blackout: One Billion Dollar Complaint To Be Released to Public

Central District Court.  312 N. Spring Street.  Los Angels, California. 

Media Workrooms

The clerk’s office has designated Room 455, located on the fourth floor of the Spring Street Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, as a media workrooms. Only members of the media with press credentials will be allowed to utilize the rooms. The media is responsible for the cost of telephone, fax, and photocopy equipment installation and use.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker to Hold Press Conference Outside United States Federal Court in Los Angeles

Filmmaker Brent Bateman with Cookies To College
mascott Buddy The Cookie. 
Newswire - FRAUD Filmmaker and Cookies To College Founder Brent Bateman, announced this morning from Los Angeles, he will appear briefly outside the United States Federal Court in downtown Los Angeles, to make a statement and release to the press, the complaint he will be filing this morning against several media and entertainment giants, including but not limited to the Associated Press, NBC Universal, News Corporation, The New York Times, Viacom, and the Walt Disney Company.  Bateman says his lawsuit will, "change the news gathering medium and the synergy of news and entertainment forever."

"My lawsuit will finally expose the criminal cabal known as the United States mainstream media, and their concerted and long standing efforts to diminish any AP competitors through its blaring, and multiple violations of the RICO (Racketeer Influenced, and Corrupt Organizations) Act, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, an the Clayton Anti-Trust Act," Bateman added.

Bateman, an Independent Filmmaker originally from Rock Island Illinois, will also announce the REAL OCTOBER SURPRISE at this intimate press conference, which is what triggered this Federal Lawsuit, as Bateman says his announcement is a win-win for education, and a challenge to the American people.

"I cannot say much at this point, but when the rest of the media and the people learn what the Associated Press and its charter members have been doing to manipulate, lie, cheat, and alter 95% of all American news, entertainment, sports, and financial news and news gathering, there will most likely be a revolution in Washington very soon.

Although Bateman says his October 19th release of his controversial film, FRAUD, was not the catalyst that triggered the lawsuit.

"When I discovered the blatant cover-up with several recent high profile news stories and breaking news stories, I just found myself in disgust with these 'so called journalists,' who are nothing more than paid propaganda whores for the White House and the federal government at large.  Why do you think CNN's rating are down more than 50% just from last year alone.  People are tired of being misled and lied to by the mainstream media, and this lawsuit will send a message to these racketeering thieves,"  Bateman said.

"I covered the 1996 Presidential election as a reporter, and did you know that 100% of the questions asked at nearly all campaign stops and press conferences are submitted, staged, and practiced by the candidates before these staged political rallies, to make these crooked politicians look intelligent.  It's a disgrace.  Reality  television is less staged than the federal government, which that fact alone speaks volumes."

As sideshow act and bankruptcy king Donald Trump knows he could not honor his worthless 5 million dollar donation if Obama were to release his college records and passport records, we can only anticipate the announcement Bateman will make from Federal Court today about his October Surprise.

Bateman is scheduled appear at 12:30 P.M. at 312 N. Spring Street, outside the United States Federal Court in Los Angeles to make an announcement and distribute the complaint that will be filed when court opens today at 10 AM.

Stay Tuned for this political storm Bateman says has been brewing for five years.

"Bush, Clinton, Obama, Romney, they are all the same, and my lawsuit will prove all of this and more beyond a shadow of a doubt," Bateman says with a grin.

By:  Jeremy Brennan

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