Friday, January 11, 2013

FRAUD Filmmaker BRENT BATEMAN Notices Illegal and Treasonous Associated Press Attorney

Newswire.  Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker BRENT BATEMAN has now become the most censored person in the world orchestrated by the FILTHY JEW controlled treasonous press, and as his 24-BILLION DOLLAR FEDERAL COURT civil lawsuit BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press, et al, continues to never reach one Associated Press outlet in the United States of America or UPI or Reuters news services throughout the entire world, even after 97% of the world press was NOTICED via the United States Priority Mail and legally via the United Stated Federal District Court, Central Division.  The whole world now knows with 100% certainty that the Associated Press is nothing more than a murderous CIA controlled filthy kike jew experiment gone treasonous, murderous, and allowing genocide by their filthy masters of communist deceit.

It's time to SHUT DOWN the Associated Press, and with loaded guns per the United States Constitution.

By:  Brent Bateman in Los Angeles

In Studio: BRENT BATEMAN "You Are So Beautiful"

Newswire.  Los Angeles - BRENT BATEMAN has leaked his latest soon-to-be-released smash hit song, "You Are So Beautiful."  Stay Tuned to Daily News Press for Exclusive Audo Clips of BRENT BATEMAN.

By:  Brian Ross in Los Angeles

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Youtube CENSORS "Jigaboo - The Obama Song," Allows the Nigger Word by All Black Artists

Newswire.  Los Angeles - In what has now become the most contrived attempt to try and CENSOR the freedom of speech by FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman's exposure of the Usurper-In-Thief Barack Hussein Obama, Obama's good butt buddies over at Youtube, the communist shill of the Obama Cult, has removed Bateman's HOT Single "Jigaboo - The Obama Song," and is now calling it HATE SPEECH.

"Youtube and 100% of the treasonous media in the United States are disgraceful.  There are hundreds of thousands of Youtube videos of black rappers and singers yelling nigger this and nigger that, spewing hatred, and verbally assaulting each other over microphones, and Youtube does not censor those videos, nor do they take them down from their site for "hate speech," and then they label my song "Jigaboo - The Obama Song," as hate speech, while all these black rappers yell nigger every other sentence in these grotesque audio clips disguised as songs or rap.  It's sickening, and I'm here to tell the world that the double standard is over." Bateman barks.

"The double standard in this country regarding racism is over.  What every single human being better learn and learn quick, is that racism works 360 degrees, 24-hours a day.  Racism is not only for whites, it's for blacks, it's for Mexicans, it's for Asians, it's for native Americana's, it's for everyone.  How we choose to deal with racism is what defines us."  Bateman says as he hands me a copy of his new single "Jigaboo - The Obama Song," and pushes me out of his hotel room.

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By:  Brian Ross in Las Vegas

"Jigaboo - The Obama Song," HOT Single of the Week

Newswire.  Los Angeles - Iowa Records has released its final television edit for Superstar Brent Bateman's HOT new single "Jigaboo - The Obama Song," now available on I-Tunes/Google Play/Amazon/Rhapsodity/Spotify.

Bateman says with his current 24-Billion Dollar Civil Lawsuit in play against the world media, this song only reaffirms what he feels about the criminals in Washington who continue lying, cheating, and stealing the future of the entire human race with their mass murder and genocide.

"I have discovered that 100% of the ENTIRE United States Congress, the ENTIRE Supreme Court of the United States, all 50 Secretary of States, and 100% of all STATE Senators and STATE House of Representatives, are ALL 100% GUILTY of MISPRISION of TREASON, according to Constitution of the United States, and that is punishable by DEATH.  It's time to act out our right to OVERTHROW this treasonous and murderous CULT that has hijacked our beautiful America," Bateman quipped.

"Enough talk.  It's time to load up guns and take back America.  NOW," Bateman yells as he grabs a cab on the Vegas Strip in sunglasses and a ball cap.

By:  Dick Kennedy 

FRAUD Filmmaker Puts Entire Federal District Court on NOTICE

Newswire.  Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman puts United States Federal District Court on NOTICE that they are engaged in LEGAL FRAUD by knowingly protecting Usurper-In-Thief Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soeotoro.


When history sells itself to the world, this audio recording will become legend.  

BRENT BATEMAN has arrived.  

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