Friday, October 26, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman Leaks Michael Jackson HERO Trailer

Newswire - Los Angeles.  FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman leaked late last night the extended theatrical trailer for his upcoming feature film "HERO," the shocking documentary about King of Pop, Michael Jackson, slated for theatrical  release in 2013 on Jackson's birthday, August 29th.

Before I hold my press conference Monday regarding the Associated Press and the Barack Hussein Obama media cover-up, I wanted Michael's fans to know that his untimely death was not in vein, and those in the Associated Press who helped to inadvertently kill him through their lies and their totally fake and bought and paid for tabloid stories pawned of as legitimate news gathering source, will face their day in court.  Enough is enough.  It's time to start arresting these yellow journalists for their massive fraud and business malpractice," Bateman chirps over the speaker phone.

Filmmaker Brent Bateman outside Michael
Jackson's Bel-Air home where his homicide
took place.  
"Let's get this straight.  George Stephonopolous, a former press secretary for Bill Clinton is now being paid millions of dollars to deliver television news through these propaganda networks for the federal government.  How any one person in this country can take Fake News, oops...I mean Fox news, seriously when they have Karl Rove as a "political consultant," or give former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee his own show on this treason and felony ridden shill for the Obama cult disguising itself as a television news network, is incomprehensible." Bateman goes on.

As Bateman's Production company, Quad City Pictures begins it's negotiations for the 2013 Production of, "The Fantasy," a musical drama based on Bateman's real life experience as a Disc Jokey at one of the most premier strip clubs in Los Angeles, Brent alludes to some of the stars he's written roles for in this juicy drama surrounding the strip club industry.

"I cannot announce who will appear in "The Fantasy," just yet, but it will make headline news around the world.  We have one film legend and four pop music icons who will star in this film, so it will be eye candy for everyone," Bateman said from his suite high above the Las Vegas strip.

"My announcement Monday will alter the near monopoly the mainstream media has over the people, and as I said yesterday, the people of America will stand up and cheer like Rocky."

We can only wait till Monday's Press Conference to announce the real October surprise.

By: Staci Radcliff 

FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman's 50 MILLION DOLLAR Challenge: Associated Press Admits Obama Birth Cover-Up

The Associated Press Headquarters, New York City. 
Newswire - Los Angeles.  FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman announced today from Las Vegas that his Trump card played on Donald Trump yesterday simply reaffirmed what he's been talking about for two weeks.

"The corporate owned media is more criminal than side show acts Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Trump.  I'm holding a press conference Monday in Los Angeles, and I will guarantee you that media from around the world will be forced to report this story," Bateman says by skype this evening. 

"Look, I have evidence of a massive cover-up by the Associated Press that will guarantee Barack Hussein Obama will lose the election.  The AP, a 'so-called non-profit cooperative,' gathers and collects information for free, then turns around and charges other publications subscription fees to publish their White House and government controlled propaganda, " the FRAUD Filmmaker goes on. 

"Over the past three days, four 'so-called' Associated Press reporters and 'so-called' Bureau Chiefs, flat out told me on the phone that they were Barack Obama supporters and that no story about my film or Barack Hussein Obama's fake and forged birth certificate would ever see the light of day by the AP."

"This is the same "non-profit" cooperative that was found guilty in 1945 by the United States Supreme Court for breaking the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, while prohibiting other AP members from selling their stories to other non AP member publications."

"Remember, a non-profit organization is granted that legal status from the IRS and classified as such, so how is it legal for the Associated Press to sell subscriptions from news they collect free of charge?  Figure that one out and you'll find the rats.  The Associated Press is now simply a shill for the Barack Obama cult, and I have extensive evidence of that, as well as their blatant and concerted effort to cover-up and censor my historical documentary film,  along with massive amounts of evidence of yellow journalism," Bateman said.

Tonight, Quad City Pictures,, officially begun selling 5 MILLION TICKETS over the next 10 DAYS online for it's soon-to-be-announced 14 DAY THEATER EXCLUSIVE RUN of FRAUD in theaters across the United States, slated to run after the election.

Bateman says he plans to donate 100% of the profits from the film's Box Office to the Public Charity he founded 13 years ago in Los Angeles, Cookies To College.

"Unlike carnival act Donald Trump, if five million people buy a ticket to go see FRAUD before November 3rd online, which is very realistic given a fair amount of media coverage, we'll raise tens of millions of dollars for education and fundraising in a matter of days, Brent says as our Skype picture goes dark.

"I brought a 2 1/2 hour feature film to the big screen in five days.  With given the right coverage of this gigantic announcement, we can potentially sell 5 million movie tickets to the most politically censored film in American politics, so all of America can see the continued treasonous and felony crimes committed by the Associated Press and the mainstream media," Bateman barks.

"It's time to use the laws of this country against all the criminals who are breaking these laws that guarantee the continuation of the bought and paid for media through libel, libel, libel, and by contrivance.  Nearly 100% of what the media reports in the news is fiction.  I covered a presidential election as a reporter, and let me tell you this:  Every single press appearance during all presidential campaigns are totally staged, and all the questions are staged and approved days before the event,"  Bateman rattles off.

"When I make my announcement from Downtown Los Angeles on Monday, October 29, 2012, the game is going to change, and the people of America are going to stand up and cheer like Rocky," Bateman says with a smile as he winks and our Skype session disconnects.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Trumps The Donald: Offers $50 MILLION to Public Charity

Newswire - Los Angeles.  "FRAUD" Filmmaker Brent Bateman announced today by phone from an undisclosed location,  that Donald Trump has waved yet another RED HERRING at the American people, while the entire media plays along, still censoring and ignoring what has now become the biggest political censorship story and cover-up in American political history.

"Donald Trump is the exact same as Barack Hussein Obama, a lying sideshow act, simply manipulating the sheeple and criminal media of America, when my film, which I shot for a mere $15,000 and a home video camera, sits in five theaters across five key states in America, and it remains censored and covered-up by 100% of the mainstream media," Bateman said by phone this afternoon. 

"Trump knows Obama is protected by Executive Order 13489, which Obama signed into law January 21, 2009, the first day after taking office as an illegal Commander-In-Chief and United States President.  Obama's cult will simply use the excuse that he is bound by law to not disclose his records, but in reality, he signed the Executive Order into law.  Executive Order 13489 continues the protection records release of George Bush I and II, the Clinton's, the Carter's, and all the puppets called Presidents, so the people cannot see their massive amounts of crimes they have committed, until long after they are all dead.  If you think I'm kidding, look it up.  Americans need to research this stuff,"  Bateman goes on.

Dolores Mission Catholic Schooll, East Los Angeles, CA.
Dolores Mission became the first Los Angeles area school to
enroll into the Cookies To College Program. 
"I have declared today that I will give away 50 million dollars to the non-profit public charity, Cookies To College, that I founded 13 years ago, making Donald Trump's 5 million dollar offer meaningless and worthless.  Once the Box Office for FRAUD reaches 50 MILLION dollars in profits for my distribution firm, Race For The Truth, I will write a check to Cookies To College, making way for millions of students across America to earn a college education with the stroke of MY pen,"  Bateman blurted as he instructs me to hold and his phone beeping. 

"Quad City Pictures will begin selling tickets for FRAUD at a VERY-soon-to-be-announced website, and after eight million tickets are sold online, I will write a check to Cookies To College, the 509 (a) (2) Public Charity that I Founded in 1999, on live television, on any morning show in America," Bateman says. 

Bateman baked-up the idea for Cookies To College,, while he was running a medical malpractice defense law firm by day, and waiting tables at a local barbecue joint at night after moving to Los Angeles in January of 1999.

"I knew I wanted to find a way to reach children and educate them, and Cookies To College was my gift.  I've held 150 jobs in more than 100 professions, I've ran more than 30 businesses successfully, and I dealt 12 different casino games, opening 9 casinos in four states, while training tens of thousands of casino dealers the art of casino dealing."

"I've touched more than a billion dollars in real cold hard cash.  I know no one on this planet with my resume, including side show act Donald Trump, and I want to share my gifts and skills to students and children all over the world, so they can make the world a better place when they become contributing members of society," Bateman says as his voice fades over the speaker phone. 

"I've out Trumped the Donald 10 to 1, so now let's see if the media will continue to censor me and continue censoring my film.  This is an offer not even the bought and paid for media cannot refuse.  There are two more casino magnets who may appear on my side before it's over.  Just follow the money."

Wow.  I guess this is an October surprise worth 55 million dollars and counting.   Let's see if the Donald makes a counter offer. 

By:  Daniel Teague 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trump Fired Obama Lawyers Over Birth Certificate: MTV Exclusive Trumped

Filmmaker Brent Bateman with Rock Legend Ozzy Osbourne
at the Four Seasons private resort in Kona, Hawaii.  Bateman
was in Hawaii in late 2011 investigating the Obama FRAUD. 
Newswire - Los Angeles.  It appears the FRAUD October surprise Donald Trump has on Obama may be just another hoax to circumvent the real October surprise, the Anti-Obama, Anti-Government film, "FRAUD," sitting in five theaters in five key election states, while 100% of the mainstream media continues to ignore the real breaking story.

"Donald Trump was represented by Manattt Phelps, the nation's most prestigious law firm representing many of the biggest names in sports and politics.  When Trump found out that Obama's birth certificate was a total forgery, even before the fake and forgery released on April 27, 2012, he quickly fired Manatt Phelps.  Manatt Phelps was running around the country for nearly three years trying to quietly squash every single one of the three or four dozen lawsuits exposing the Kenyan birth of Obama, as Obama has Manatt Phelps retained as his private attorney," Bateman said tonight from his Los Angeles area home, as the FRAUD media blackout continues.

"Trump may talk about some Obama marriage trouble and divorce papers from years ago, but that is not a bombshell, and it's irrelevant to what I have uncovered in my film.  My film proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama was born in a village in Kenya,"  Bateman said.

"Gloria Allred is a joke of an attorney and a disgrace to the profession of law.  Why anyone would give her one more minute of camera time is beyond me.  She is nothing more than a programmed, ambulance chasing robot, so whatever that fame whore says will not affect the 2012 election," Bateman quipped.

"I ran a medical malpractice law firm for three years and it was right across the street from Manatt Phelps, and I can tell you for certain that it's the law firm that all political liars and felons run to for  protection from the laws they create and then break.  Trust me.  These people are criminal felon attorneys representing Barack Hussein Obama.  I have evidence of that as well," Bateman chirped as he was laughing while waking me out of his house.

In another development, MTV News was offered an exclusive sit down interview with FRAUD Fillmmaker Brent Bateman at MTV's Santa Monica studios on Tuesday, to break the FRAUD October surprise, but MTV News instead TRUMPED the FRAUD film by staging a half hour call-in show for Obama airing this Friday night.

"When the little Obama cult sheeple at MTV realized that my film was Anti-Obama, they didn't even have the balls to call me back.  Instead, the Viacom executives pulling the strings at MTV who are trying buy Barack Obama into the White House once again, hurried up and staged a live, half-hour call in show, starring none other than Barack Hussein Obama, airing this Friday, to deflect my FRAUD film.  And, MTV is airing it on five networks simultaneously," Bateman goes on to say.

"So-called forrmer music journalist Kurt Loder and MTV News made a career off supporting the 2 Live Crew Censorship story in 1989.  Ironically, 2 Live Crew released the follow-up "Banned In The U.S.A.," the ditty sampled by 2 Live Crew, from cult charter member and adulter Bruce Springstein's original, "Born In The U.S.A.,"  Bateman leads on.

"Twenty years ago, MTV was supporting freedom of speech and expression to the tune of some foul mouth gang bangin' wanna be's called 2 Live Crew.  Now, the filthy network does nothing but promote drug dealing gangsters and third grade educated Karaoke singers posing as rock stars and pop stars.  MTV should be sued until they stop calling themselves a 'music network.'  MTV has turned into a disgrace to real songwriters, real singers, and true musicians.  Michael Jackson is rolling over in his grave about it, trust me," as Bateman finally shuts my car door and says to me, "Be safe young skywalker."

"FRAUD is BANNED by the media and Hollywood in the U.S.A., and Obama was not born in the U.S.A., and I have irrefutable proof and evidence in my film.  It's only a matter of time before the world learns the real truth," Bateman says as if so eloquently spoken, while the unknown folklore  grows around this former television reporter from Illinois.

America has yet to uncover the FRAUD October surprise.

By:  Daniel Teague

Stay Tuned @ Daily News Press and see who breaks the real FRAUD October surprise.

TRUMP FRAUD October Surprise Trending #1 on YAHOO

Monday, October 22, 2012

Donald Trump to Announce FRAUD October Surprise

Newswire - It has been confirmed that casino magnet and reality show star Donald Trump will announce to the world the Obama October surprise that will change the election and politics forever.

Watch the teaser, and you will see Trump is talking about, "FRAUD," the controversial documentary film released by former television reporter Brent Bateman, a Rock Illinois native who claims his film will "change politics forever."  As no one in the press has broken this story, the Donald will do the people of this country justice.  

Ironically, Bateman worked as a casino shift boss and opened the Majestic Star Casino in Gary, Indiana, in 1996, and the casino used to share the property at Buffington Harbor with Trump's Gary Riverboat casino.  




Sunday, October 21, 2012

Filmmaker Achieves Cinematic Film History

Filmmaker Brent Bateman outside the Las Vegas Regal Theaters
Village Square Stadium 18. Bateman has achieved cinematic film
history with the release of his controversial documentary film,
"FRAUD," about Barack Hussein Obama.  
Newswire - Los Angeles, CA - Filmmaker Brent Bateman has achieved cinematic film history with the October 19th release of his controversial documentary film, "FRAUD," about Barack Hussein Obama.

In August of 2008, with just $15,000 and a home movie camera, Bateman began a four year journey across the country in search of the truth behind the Barack Obama birth certificate story, which now has Bateman's documentary film, "FRAUD," poised to reach theaters nationwide the weekend before the election.

"I was literally given the green light for this film by Regal Theaters last Friday, and we were able to bring "FRAUD" to the big screen in less than 5 days.  No one has ever accomplished that in film history, so whether people like the content of my film or not, FRAUD will go down in history as such."  Bateman said Sunday from his Los Angeles area home.

"Over the past 3 weeks, I have received more than 30 death threats, and all of the television networks have refused to air my film's commercial trailer spots while censoring the FRAUD film movement, as it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama was born in a village in Kenya,"  Bateman adds.

After nearly two years of searching for a film distribution deal, Bateman found that 100% of Hollywood is embedded into what he calls, "The Obama Cult," and no one in Tinsel Town would go near his film.  He said the mention of his film and its synopsis to anyone with clout in Hollywood resulted in no return phone calls, no return e-mails, and no contact ever again.

"Now I know how filmmakers in the 50's felt about the blacklisting of Hollywood directors and stars who did not "obey" the government "story,"  Bateman said.

"My films is going to change politics forever.  I've let the FRAUD out of the bag.  The entire government is criminal, and there may be a lot of people going to prison when my film is released nationwide," Bateman said with a smile, as I walked outside his house and to my vehicle.

When I climbed into my beat-up old 2010 Range Rover and cranked the engine, "Talkin' About a Revolution" by the Beatles began blaring over the radio, and just for a few moments in time, I think the Beatles were actually speaking about Brent Bateman, while the entire media and Hollywood remain utterly silent.

Just for a brief moment in time.

FRAUD is Now Playing in Las Vegas, NV, Houston, TX Columbus, OH, Knoxville, TN, and Fairfax, VA.


For interviews and appearance, contact Lincoln Harris @ 818.762.1123.

By:  Adam Goldberg