Saturday, December 8, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Illegally Searched by Federal Agents on His Own Property

Lincoln "Boo'Boo" Bubbins, Bateman's Malti-Poo
he named after 16th President of the United States.
Newswire.  Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman was illegal searched and verbally threatened by Federal Agents on his own property yesterday at his local area Los Angeles home by three, twenty-something-year-old, ignorant, and uneducated United Stated Federal Postal Inspectors because of a falsified "dog bite" incident in April that Bateman says now will force a meeting with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca regarding county Sheriff's rights and duties, along with the powers granted to them and local law enforcement under the constitution of the United States of America.

According tho Bateman, in June of 2012, a black male postal carrier delivering mail to Bateman's home claimed he had been bitten through a letter sized mail slot on Bateman's front door by his dog Lincoln, while  three people in his house were watching this incident take place, and Bateman says there was never a dog bite.

"This liar postal carrier reported a fake and 100% fabricated incident to the Postal Service.  I received a letter four days letter from one Mary Jane Smith, the local area Postmaster General, who committed FELONY FRAUD in this federal agency document stating that "after an investigation was completed, we have determined that your dog bit our postal carrier," and the letter went on to say that if I did not spend my own money and build a mailbox on the STREET, the Postal Service would illegal hold my mail, in which they now have done for more than six months."

After more than ninety-five phone calls Bateman placed to Mary Jane Smih, the local Postmaster General, and then Rick West, the Los Angeles area Postmaster General District Manager, Bateman never received one phone call back.  Only after Bateman sent a letter in August to Mary Jane Smith threatening to sue the United States Postal Service for illegally hijacking his mail, did the felony committing Mary Jane Smith contact Bateman back to again threaten him over the phone the discontinuation of his mail unless he complied with her communist, and now her felony crime ridden comments and letter.  

After Bateman told Smith, and several agents of the FBI by phone two weeks ago after another postal carrier threatened Bateman and came after him on foot with his postal carrier bag over his shoulder, that Smith had committed a felony crime according to federal law, the FBI laughed at Bateman on the phone several times, and hung up on him on three occasions.

"Finally after another call and a local "duty agent" is what these criminals at the FBI are calling themselves, acting as illegal pawns for the Hussein Obama Cult, never revealing their name, badge number, or their identity for that matter, listened to my story and then he said, yeah, go ahead and fax us that document over, knowing they would never do a thing about it or even spend a second investigating it," Bateman rattles off.

"Mary Jane Smith nor any Postal Inspector ever came to my house to investigate a single thing.  What this fucking bitch did was simply take a piece of mail at the post office that was addressed to my home address, which happened to have my name on it, and sent it to me.  In fact, a postal supervisor from Smith's postal service office location named Debbie, came to my house three days later and admitted to me that there was no one ounce of investigation done or completed by either herself, the postal inspectors, Mary Jane Smith, or anyone at the postal service, and in fact, there was never any investigation, and she said there was no way physically possible for my dog to stick his mouth through our mail slot on my door, making it impossible to bite anyone.  My dog has never bit a soul in his two year old life.  He's the sweetest creature I've ever been blessed with,"  Bateman said.

Smith acted illegally by informing Bateman in a "federal agency document, i.e. a letter, that an investigation into this alleged and falsified "dog-biting" incident had taken place and been completed.   In fact, there was never an investigation according to Bateman, which is the scary part after you hear what happens next.

"It's a felony crime for lying to Federal Agents, under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, and that is exactly what Mary Jane Smith did, and I have evidence and proof of that, so I want her arrested and detained for this crime that has now caused me to be illegally searched, bullied, and now threatened by a little vagina with a gun who has no concept of the rule of law in this country.  I don't think so, not in my lifetime.  I've had enough from this grotesque federal government, and all these completely ignorant law enforcement agencies with no education or clue about our laws, or rights, or our civil liberties," Bateman goes on. 

On Friday morning, Bateman was then awakened to three Federal agents brandishing guns, forcing Bateman up against the wall of his own front porch, to be illegally searched for weapons, after Bateman informed all three "federal agents" that they had no right to search him illegally on his own property without cause, and there was no cause only another lie committed by a Federal Postal employee.

"The little queer who was frisking me started grabbing my balls and my nut sack, so I grabbed his hand, shoved it away, and said, "That's enough.  Get your hands off me you little pervert."

After a forty-five minute conversation, Bateman agreed to place a mailbox outside his house, but not on his street, as that would have cost Bateman hundreds of dollars, not to mention the liability of anyone breaking into his mailbox and stealing his private mail.

Then the incident turned ugly and more illegal just an hour later when Federal Postal Inspector Tania Ohanessian, and her two Postal Inspector idiot cohorts, knocked again at Bateman's door, this time to inform him that the have changed their minds and that he would now again have to spend his own money and place a mailbox on the curb, or else they will not deliver his mail, and forget the arrangement they had agreed upon just an hour earlier. 

"It was over at that point for this little felony crime committing Tania.  I said, "Get off my property now, and after yelling at them for more than five more minutes to get the fuck off of my property, this little bitch Tania Ohanessian refused to get off my property.  It was not until I walked into my house to get my phone and told her I was calling the police if she and her little idiots would not get of my property, that this little bitch stepped of my property.  For almost five minutes none of the three would leave my property after I instructed them on more than 100 occasions to get off my property."

Bateman says he then called the North Hollywood Police Department, where the watch commander's office laughed at Bateman and told him Federal Agents can do whatever they want to him or his property, and they told Bateman that he should call the FBI.  So he did.  After spending an hour on the phone yelling at FBI agents who clearly know nothing about the law or the constitution, Bateman was shocked to learn how ignorant and arrogant law enforcement in this country has become. 

"The fucking FBI does not abide by nor do they even know a single thing about the Constitution of the United States except its name, or the constitutional laws of any of the states.  I was almost ripping my hair out yesterday as this little communist from the FBI who told me to stop calling them and who hung up the phone on me three times," Bateman barks. 

Bateman then called the Los Angeles County Sheriff's office, who again laughed at Bateman, hung up on him four times, and then told him that the North Hollywood police department takes over COUNTY jurisdiction in Valley Village, where Bateman's home is located, and they would "never send a sheriff to his house" to protect him from the illegal search and felony crimes that have been committed by the United States Postal Service employees and their uneducated and completely ignorant little Obama cult sheeple carrying guns posing as federal agents.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, nor the North Hollywood Police Department would send any officer to Bateman's home to "serve and protect" him his his own property from an illegal search, or the felony crimes committed by the United States Postal Employees, and now three United States Postal Inspectors, after more than ten phone calls to each law enforcement entities who by law must "serve and protect" all the Citizens of their jurisdiction. 

"What scared me the most is that these little children in their 20's are carrying guns around with them showing them off like they just won them at some carnival.  I can guarantee you I will force the County of Los Angeles to report this crime, apprehend these "federal agent" criminals, and then I will sue all of these entities involved, in state and federal court.  You cannot beat the California Constitution and United States Tenth Amendment of the United States.  The local county Sheriff is the only law enforcement agency that has the power to arrest, apprehend, and jail anyone in his or her own county, and that includes the illegal alien occupying the White House, and it also includes "serving and protecting" the Citizens of your county from illegal encroachment of the federal government," Bateman says.

"If Barack Hussein Obama, the illegal Usurper-In-Thief of the United States, ever touched down in Maricopa County in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Apario has 100% legal and full-proof authority, per the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution, to arrest, and jail the filthy muslim from Kenya, and Hussein Obama knows it.  Why do you think the jews of Israel running the United States government keep the FRAUD away from the red states.  His days are numbered, and he know it," Bateman goes on.

"It's my twenty-four billion dollar federal trial against the media that will expose the Hussein Obama birth certificate FRAUD, constituting thousands of felony crimes committed by thousands of treasonous federal employees amd media pigs.  It's time to arrest and apprehend all of these people and clean-up America from this filth eroding our shores,"  Bateman quipped. 

As BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press. et al heads into its first court date appearance, January 7th, 2013 @ 312 North Spring Street in Los Angeles, we can only hope a live network steps forward to report on this federal case that will free the people of America from the shackles of the filthy and murderous state of Israel and the treasonous, murderous, and genocidal pigs running the federal government.

By:  Thomas F. Paine 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Serves up Twenty-Four Billion Dollar "Treble Damages" Federal Lawsuit to World Media

FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman at the United Sates Postal
Service serving up his now Twenty-Four Billion Dollar Federal
Lawsuit happening as the media remain silent.  12.6.2012.
Newswire.  Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman served up the rest of the world's criminal and treasonous media this afternoon that include Reuters in the United Kingdom for Compliance, and Reuters Australia for Regulatory, the Obama Cult charter member and Associated Press retarded step-sister, The New York Times, The Washington Post, United Press International, Gannett, Inc., Tribune Company, E.W. Scripps, McGraw Hill Companies, and Freedom Communications, who are all participating in the biggest felony and treasonous fraud in the history of the world.  These 10 organizations, along with the Associated Press and the other seven codefendan's, control 97% of the world press.

"Reuters owns fucking Elite Magazine and West Law Group.  If you don't see a conflict of interest in that on top of owning the world's largest wire service.  It's a gross sickening joke and disgrace that the world is so controlled by such a criminal cabal of lunatics," Bateman said as he marched into his local area Postal Office to pose for a shot that will become world famous soon enough.

Bateman served what's called a Certificate and Notice of Interested Parties, as Bateman's federal lawsuit will expose all these entities and organizations of breaking the same laws in the United States as the Associated Press and the seven active codefendant's in BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press et al.  The first motion date for trial is set at 10 A.M. January 7th, 2013 at 312 North Spring Street @ the United States Federal District Court, Central Division in downtown Los Angeles.  I suggest showing up early and with cameras for a shot at Bateman in and out of this hearing, as it will force the discovery of not only the Barack Hussein Obama birth FRAUD, but also the Osama Bin Laden Death Hoax perpetrated by the CIA.  

BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press et al,
will trigger "treble damages" and reach Twenty-Four
billion in damages by law Bateman is seeking. 
"My case is going to destroy the world media, expose it for the grotesque thing its become, and it will cease to exist in its current fashion after I'm finished with these criminal pigs in a court of law.  I know the law better than most of these pigs and I'm going to hang them out to dry for the world to see.  Let the people of the world see their lies, manipulation, and filth, then the people of the world...they can decide what we should do with these people committing treason, war, torture, and genocide through their illegal and fictitious shells for the murderous drug dealing CIA and the filthy state of Israel,"  Bateman said as he quietly moves in and out of line to serve up this now Twenty-Four Billion dollar case, as he complaint calls for  "treble damages" under the Clayton Act of 1914, and it gives Bateman the ability to collect "treble, or three times" the amount sought in the original complaint, which is currently eight billion dollars, and that's BILLION with a B like Brent and B like Bateman.

As the media continues to remain silent, the folklore, the Internet buzz, and  the facebook whispers are all talking about Brent Bateman, his FRAUD film, his now upcoming Twenty-Four Billion Dollar Federal Trial, and he's got the evidence, the knowledge of the law, and the constitution of the United States on his side.

Once these media entities are served over the course of the next ten days, the media circus around BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press should begin.  If if does not, mark my words, this case inside a courtroom will force the arrest of Barack Hussein Obama by United States Marshals, along with all of his cohorts and charlatans, who will be drug by shackles beside this filthy muslim murderer from Kenya and into the nearest FEMA camp, all at the will of the people and according to the constitution of the United States of America, not the United Sates of filthy Israel.

In addition, Bateman has secretly subpoenaed Sheriff Joseph Arpiao to appear in Central District Federal Court on January 7th, 2013 @ Central District Court, 312 N. Spring Street.  Although Bateman would not go into specifics, he assured me that Barack Hussein Obama will go to prison and be charged with hundreds of acts of treason according to the United States Constitution.

Go Brent Bateman Go.

By:  Caroline Massey

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bradley Manning, Obama, 9.11, and the Jew Conspiracy

Manning being held illegally by the CIA controlled United States
Military. 12.3.2012
Newswire.  Los Angeles - While most of the country has yet to hear the name Bradley Manning from the criminal, treasonous, and felony ridden mainstream media in America, 90% the sheeple masses of this country have never cared to know who Bradley Manning is, they're too busy with Oprah Winfrey and Kobe Bryant.  But please America, I want you you meet BRADLEY MANNING.

A solider first, an American second, a child third, a son forth, a boy fifth, and now a 24-year- old openly homosexual man, who is quietly becoming an American Hero, while the zionist controlled media has finally begun writing about Manning.  I find it ironic that Manning is shown to the world by the filthy zionist controlled press only one day after I call for all Americans to begin marching with loaded guns in support and for the immediate release of Manning.

Bradley Manning, while working as an Intelligence Analyst in Iraq in 2009 and 2010, is accused by the zionist controlled  jew bankers, of sending thousands of classified documents to Wiki Leak Founder and International HERO Julian Assange.   Manning was held for more than a year in nothing more than a 8 FOOT by 8 FOOT CELL with no windows.  

He was then put in solitary confinement in Virginia for nearly nine months without ANY charges being levied against him.  This is illegal and not a law of this land, and we as Citizens have the right to load up guns, march, and demand the release of Manning today.  If the people of this country educate themselves to the United States Constitution, we have the right to bear arms and take back our government from the treasonous cult in Washington destroying this once great nation.

The reality of those documents.  Barack Hussein Obama's treasonous CIA was the actual perpetrators of these leaks, as per the zionist controlled media reported in 2010.  This is the real reason these zionist murders are illegally dictating our Supreme Court, our media, our congress, fake Wall Street, our banks, our laws, and in Bradley Manning's case in particular, covering up for the Obama Cult and CIA leaks.

Once the masses of the world see the video below, and what it really means, the United States murderous CIA will cease to exist, and the Zionist jew conspiracy will be exposed, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Isreal and the murderous Mossad planned, executed, and carried out 9.11.2001, with the assistance and total blessing of the Bush family, as they control the murderous and mostly closeted and deathly shameful drug addicted homosexual CIA.

This is why the filthy CIA is trying to force Bradley Manning to take the fall for the Barack Hussein Obama cult.  It was the Obama cult insiders who actually leaked most of these "alleged classified" documents, but they did not leak the video below that Manning leaked to Wiki Leaks, the website that is now almost bankrupt because filthy jew and former congressman Joseph Lieberman, who was able to get VISA to stop taking donations via Wiki Leaks.  Can you even believe that was possible.  Getting the world's largest credit card company to stop taking donations for a whistle blowing website that whistle blows MURDER, GENOCIDE, and TORTURE of people from all of the world?  Unfathomable.  It's time to Boycott and put Visa out of business.

This is more proof and evidence of the jew conspiracy Mel Gibson, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and even Abraham Lincoln spoke openly and freely about and loathed.  In fact, Henry Ford, the man responsible for the mass production of the world's automobiles, wrote a book, The Internationl Jew:  The World's Foremost Problem, and it was full of the real truth of this filthy, murderous, and genocidal cult masquerading itself as a religion.

Excerpt from Ford's Enlightening Book: 

The Fourteenth Protocol --
"When we become rulers we shall regard as undesirable the existence of any religion except our own, proclaiming One God with Whom our fate is tied as The Chosen People, and by Whom our fate has been made one with the fate of the world. For this reason we must destroy all other religions. If thereby should emerge contemporary atheists, then, as a transition step, this will not interfere with our aims.

The Fifth Protocol --
"A world coalition of Gentiles could cope with us temporarily, but we are assured against this by roots of dissension among them so deep that they cannot be torn out. We have created antagonism between the personal and national interests of the Gentiles by arousing religious and race hatreds which we have nourished in their hearts for twenty centuries. "

This video shows pilots of the CIA controlled military of the United States murdering forty-five (45) Reuters reporters in Iraq.  This is not just collateral damage, but it's cold blooded murder, and any viewer will come to the same conclusion.

See America, the jews are behind it all, and the Mossad, along with the George Bush murderous cult, murdered 3,000 American Citizens to create all of these FAKE wars to steal the money, oil, drugs, and gold from the world and give it to the filthy zionist jew bankers and their slave lapdogs; the murderous CIA and the treasonous United Stated Executive, Judicial, and Congressional branches of America's federal government.

S.O.S, to the FBI and every single local county Sheriff in the United States.  It's time to act now before the people do.  The cookies have been let out of the jar and people are going to rise up and rebuild America's Cookie Jar.

It's time to load up your guns and bring your friends.  I smell a Revolution with gun powder, and the criminals and murderers running the show better take cover.

The People of America are coming.

By:  Brent Bateman 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Buddy's Cookies To Build First-Ever Drive-Thru Cookie Stand

Buddy's Cookies @ BUDDYLAND is slated to begin construction in 2013.
BUDDYLAND will create more than 1,000 jobs in the state next year alone.  
Newswire.  Los Angeles - Buddy's Cookies announced today from Los Angeles that it will begin construction in 2013 on Buddy's Cookies @ BUDDYLAND, the nation's first-ever Drive-Thru cookie stand.  Although Buddy's Cookies Founder Brent Bateman was not specific to the location of the first ever Buddy's Cookies, it has been reported that Bateman is planning to anchor Buddy's Cookies Drive-Thru @ BUDDYLAND, a soon-to-be-announced 100 MILLION dollar education project now in the works and slated to begin construction in Iowa in 2013.

"In 2013, Buddy The Cookie will become a household name in America, and we will begin to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for education and for children and students across the country.  In a world of of full self obsessed celebrities, treasonous politicians, and filthy media fame whores, Cookies To College, through Buddy's Cookies, will continue our legacy of education and fundraising, while giving the gift of knowledge to our participants," Bateman said today from this Los Angeles area home.

In take-off of the typical local drive-thru bank, Buddy's Cookies will feature the first-ever drive-up cookie stands, where your cookies and milk will be delivered to your car window via the same containers that banks use to transport monies to your while at your bank drive-through.

"We're going to create a menu right over the drivers of each stall, and customers will be able to interact with the Buddy's Cookies order taker in the giant service window just like at your local bank.  I figure that since the banks are destroying the country, I would serve up some sweet tasty cookies in the same fashion, but this time, the money will be give to deserving children, and not some filthy zionist bankers killing our children for war, drugs, oil, and filthy greed,"  Bateman continues.

"With Cookies To College as our non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, and Buddy's Cookies as our retail operation, we can literally load up wheel barrels full of money for students and education.  Knowledge is power, and it's time to give the power back to the people through our children.  Education is the only way to rid our country of the treasonous and murderous felons in Washington destroying our beloved America," Bateman says with a smile as he leads me to his front door.

"We're all just fortunate to have my "Buddy" looking after all of us, and with Buddy's Cookies planting itself in the Hearttland of Iowa, we'll grow and bloom the best cookies and the most educated children and students the world has ever seen.  That's my goal.  Giving the gift of knowledge is the only way for the world to rebuild itself with the principals of our children and our future in mind.  Cookies To College will lead the way in this avenue of education,"  Brent says ever so humbly.

With Bateman's upcoming historical eight billion dollar civil lawsuit against the Associated Press and the seven media giants that control government lies and total fiction propaganda, Bateman says this next year will be full of surprises.

"We're going to change the world, arrest the bankers, throw the murderous and treasonous politicians in FEMA camps, and then we're going to reclaim this land.  It's that simple and education is the number one way to accomplish these goals."

By:  Cassandra Cooper