Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Obama Cult Goes Shopping

Newswire.  Los Angeles - As the criminal and treasonous United States congress and every single Secretary of State continue to participate in the biggest treasonous FRAUD ever committed in the history of the world, by staging the fake and treasonous reelection of a filthy muslim born in a village in Kenya, the filthy Barack Hussein Obama Cult was out in full force this Black Friday of 2012.   And by black,  just wait until you see the primate monkeys in what has now become a youtube sensation overnight.

I can guarantee you that every one of these sickening sheeple in the video, including the person who shot it and uploaded it, voted for the treasonous Usurper occupying the White House illegally. Not only is this shameful to look at, but I almost puked the first time, stared in amazement the second time, identified that the entire mob of primates who voted for a filthy illegal muslim murderer and are proud of it the third time, and then laughed my ass off the forth time until I could not stop.

Sending out an S.O.S.  Can you hear me America?   Oh wait...I got my new I-Phone right here...I can hear you loud and clear.

By:  Brent Bateman 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Motions for Recusal of Federal Judge, First Judge Self Recuses in 8 Billion Dollar Lawsuit

 11.21.2012  United States District Court, Central Division.
Los Angeles, California 
Newswire.  Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman quickly filed a motion today at the United States Federal Court 's Central District in his landmark and historical lawsuit that will bring down the entire Barack Hussein Obama Cult, requesting the Recusal, (removal), of the second Judge assigned to Brent Bateman vs. Associated Press, et al, as Bateman learned this week that federal Judge Margaret M. Morrow self-recused herself from the eight billion dollar lawsuit, as Morrow disclosed she holds common stock in defendants NBC Universal, Walt Disney Company, Comcast, and C.C.C. (Clear Channel Communications).
Bateman discovered this week that the court assigned the case to Barack Hussein Obama appointed Judge Michael W. Fitsgerald, who was nominated by the Usurper-In-Thief Obama, in September of 2011, and commissioned in March of 2012, after the Senate confirmed him. Fitsgerald is serving as the first "openly gay," whatever that means, federal judge in the state of California.

"It's a filthy disgrace that this Judge did not self recuse himself after reading my complaint.  It's obvious the United Stated Federal courts have been hijacked by the Executive Branch of the United States government.  How does anyone with a half a brain, and that includes Obama Cult member Judge Michael W. Fitsgerald,  think I would ever get a fair trail when the FRAUD Barack Hussein Obama appointed him.  At least Fistgerald is open about his homosexuality, unlike the filthy muslim occupying the White House illegally," Bateman goes on.

As the entire Associated Press and its cult of media continue to blackout this most historical, most shocking, and what will become the most famous lawsuit in the history of  the world, we can only report from the sidelines, with the real truth being presented for the people of America.

Stay Tuned to the Daily News Press for exclusive coverage.

By:  Sharon Teague 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rupert Murdoch Calls out the Filthy Jew Owned Media

Newswire.  Los Angeles - FOX Chairman and international criminal FRAUD Rupert Murdoch has finally called out the filthy Jew controlled media of the world for their continued 100% fiction based propaganda controlling world policy, while they continue looting the world through their illegal and grotesque Federal Reserve, which is 100% controlled by these same filthy Jews.

America, WAKE UP.  The filthy and murderous Mossad of Israel did 911 and here is the Proof.  When this is realized by the whole world, Israel will be blown off the face of the planet, and that will be the best day in the history of the world.

By:  Havier Ankaur