Thursday, December 20, 2012

32 Year Ago Today, Brent Bateman appeared over the AP Wire, Today Bateman is Suing the AP for $24 Billion

FRAUD Filmmaker and Cookies To College Founder Brent
Bateman with his dog Muffins, delivering his 82-paper Route
in Rock Island Illinois circa 1980. BRENT BATEMAN v.
Associated Press, et al begins January 7th, 2013 @ Central
District Federal Court in downtown Los Angeles. 
Newswire.  Los Angeles - Thirty-Two years-ago today, FRAUD Filmmaker and Cookies To College Founder Brent Bateman made his third Associated Press appearance.  A photo of him published in his local newspaper, The Rock Island Argus, on December 20th, 1980, caught a picture of Bateman delivering his 82-paper, paper route in Rock Island, Illinois, he had for almost five years, using a wheel barrel and roller skates.

"I had 82 papers everyday.  It was freezing in the winter, and snow sometimes up to a foot tall.  So I just thought it would be easier to get my papers delivered faster.  I used to have to go back and forth over four blocks to get half the papers, and then I came up with the wheel barrel idea and roller skates idea.  My brothers started copying me and a few weeks later the people of my neighborhood started calling the paper.  The next thing I know this guy walks up to me with a giant old camera and says, "Hey Brent, can I take some pictures of you delivering your papers. And the rest is history," Bateman laughed.

"I got letters from people all across America after that photo was taken. People wishing me luck. In fact, Jim Henson wrote me a letter with the clipping from his local area newspaper with a short little note that said, "One day you will do great things.  Great job Brent Bateman, and I was so excited.  I grew up on Sesame Street.   I mean I worshiped the Cookie Monster and Grover, " Bateman explains.

With the announcement today of the Buddy The Cookie Introduction Concert for Education in March of 2013, and Bateman's twenty-four billion dollar federal trial getting underway on January 7th, 2013 @ Central District Court in downtown Los Angeles, Brent says he's taking it all in stride.

"It was thirty-two long years ago that I appeared in print delivering newspapers, then I delivered pizzas in high school for Domino's and then in college for Pizza Hut, then I delivered cash money as a casino dealer and pit boss touching more than one billion dollars in real cold hard cash.  Then I delivered the news covering the 1996 Presidential election for CBS in Iowa and Illinois,  now I'm delivering Buddy's cookies for education," Brent says as he smiles, offering me a real chocolate chip cookie right from his oven.

"It was written in my cards long ago.  Do you know what my dog's name in that photo was?  Muffins.  That's right, Muffins, now I'm delivering cookies, and my dad Lee Buddy Bateman and my Muffins are watching all of this unfold from the other side, in a beautiful place called Heaven, and they are both laughing out loud and cheering me on," Bateman goes on.

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By: Colin Lee