Monday, December 19, 2011

Eric Holder Pulls Race Card: Critics Attacking Me and Obama Because We’re Black

Washington, DC - Eric Holder is losing it.

Clearly the intense pressure is getting to him over his role in “Operation Fast and Furious”, and the two dead U.S. agents (Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata), and hundreds of murdered Mexicans, that resulted from it. And it shows.

Holder, in a New York Times profile this morning, says his critics are playing “Washington gotcha” games to paint him in the worst possible light. But then Holder goes way over the line:

Of that group of critics, Mr. Holder said he believed that a few — the “more extreme segment” — were motivated by animus against Mr. Obama and that he served as a stand-in for him. “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him,” he said, “both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

This man is a disgrace. He shows absolutely no remorse or guilt over the mayhem he has caused with his gun-running debacle. When asked by a Senator if he had ever sent an apology to the family of slain Agent Brian Terry, or even called them with condolences, Holder said no, and – unbelievably –refused to apologize at the hearing. When faced with public outrage over that refusal, Holder was clearly pressured by Obama to send an apology – but he released it to POLITICO before sending it to the family!

Holder absurdly accuses others of playing the race card when we dare to mention the pile of bodies over his ‘Fast and Furious’ operation, but yet he himself has no problem playing it when it comes to his job. Holder decided that Black Panthers with batons shouting racist threats at a polling place does not constitute voter intimidation, but that Voter ID laws do – and dropped the Black Panther case, which was denounced even by minority members of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. Holder even said later that criticism of the Black Panther case demeans “my people”– once again shamelessly pulling the race card.

And most recently, to distract Americans from the one-year anniversary of Brian Terry’s death, Holder suddenly – without any prior indication to the media – trotted out his Civil Rights Division head (and possible perjurer) Thomas Perez, to release results of their 3+ year old investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The report was filled with – what else – ridiculous accusations of racism against Sheriff Joe and his deputies. Once again – everyone else is a “racist” – except Holder and his circle.

Holder is beneath contempt. He MUST go. So far, 57 Representatives and one Senator have called for his resignation. If you have not yet done so, please contact your Reps NOW and tell them to join the others in demanding this worst Attorney General in U.S. history resign, be fired, or face impeachment and removal from office. Also demand they support AZ Rep. Paul Gosar’s resolution H.R. 490 – the “vote of no-confidence” in Holder.

By: John Hill

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