Friday, January 20, 2012

GOP AD Destroys Barack Hussein Obama with His Own Words

Los Angeles, CA - As the 2012 election season will bring out even more Obama cult communists and progressives to the streets, this time the GOP is prepared for this fake and forged enigma known as Barry Soetoro, or for the fleabagging sheeple who support this filthy usurper in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama.

The GOP has dished out the most effective political against Hussein Obama for the 2012 fixed Presidential election using his own words. As you might already know, every Presidential election since Andrew Jackson have been fixed by the filthy Zionist Jews of Israel who created the illegal and grotesque Federal Reserve, virtually stealing America from its founding roots, giving the criminal and murderous international bankers control of our congress, our judicial system, and almost all of the federal government.  These same sickening international banksters control most every country in the world by virtue of their illegal and fake money kiting scheme.

The same filthy Zionists who placed Hussein Obama in office are now growing tired of his obvious hatred and disgust for Israel and the Jews.  Although Hussein Obama is surrounded by Jews, as they control the entire Federal Government, he hates them just as his former neighbor and spiritual advisor Louis Farrakhan does.

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I wonder when the people of this great nation are going to rise up and get rid of these criminal felons destroying our beautiful America.  

By:  Brent Bateman 

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  1. i really miss george w bush today....