Saturday, February 4, 2012

Iowa Records Releases New Artist Brent Bateman

Los Angeles, CA - Iowa Records,, announced the release of its first artist on I-Tunes this afternoon, and according to the record label, Illinois native Brent Bateman's debult album, "We Are The Future," is set to move its way up the Billboard Hot 100.

"With our preview release of Bateman's tracks online, his numbers rose 4000% in his first week of previewing online.  We project he'll cross over into the pop rock, techno, college, and trance markets.  We're gearing up for an aggressive European marketing lay down, so we'll see what happens," says Mark Harrison of Iowa Records.

Born and raised along the Mississippi River on along the Illinois/Iowa border, Bateman says his music what he likes to call "River Rock."

"We already have rock, pop, techno, and rock n roll, now the world is ready for "River Rock," Bateman said last week from his Valley Village, California home.

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