Monday, February 6, 2012

Nevada Caucus Fraud, Ron Paul Real Winner

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  1. Here is the prof how can we as Americans let our Freedom be taken away from us and Ron Paul to be trashed by this? Demand justice!

  2. It's amazing what money can do for you in this country...not to mention any names...M.R....N.G....Ron Paul is a true leader! He does his campaigning on SO much less money than any other of the candidates...What does that say about him??? Come on people!!! Open your eyes and ears! Let the other so called candidates battle with one another over the petty little things that nobody else cares about. They act like five year olds, while the other two wait "patiently" to proceed with the issues that actually matter! Pay attention to the man with dignity! Pay attention to the man that has respect for, not only his competition, but for "the people" of our great country! The right choice is very simple.....RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!