Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ron Paul: Why Judge Andrew Napolitano was Fired by Fox News


  1. Bravo Judge Andrew for sharing the truth.

  2. People are just afraid of telling the truth about the terrorist state of israel because the jews control the money and the press.

  3. The passage in the poster is expressed in the first person, but I don't believe the Judge ever said or wrote this. If I am wrong, please provide me a link. Otherwise, as much as you believe, or agree with, that passage, it is presented in a misleading light, i.e. as if the Judge said it.

  4. Who cares who said it, it's what he thinks and believes.

    People need to wake up.

    1. It does matter if he said it or not. Provide the link.

  5. im just pissed becouse judge wont be on anymore . he spoke the truth . pepole dont have a clue how much freedom we have already lost . and ron paul is'nt going to get that back in his life time . but , he well start something new if he win and this is way im for ron paul . it's already bad right now with the media news and ther dum polls , that never match up . this ws the only channal that i could keep up with ron paul . other then that the web is now going to be my best friend . try this guys sometime next time the media says something look it up on the web and then make your own store becouse i'v do that and wow it never makes cents uyou only get hafe . media sucks