Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Obama's Birth Certificate is a Forgery and a Fraud

Newswire:  BREAKING NEWS.  Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, "Obama's birth certificate is a FORGERY."  

When are the drug addicted homosexual CIA, and the treasonous and murderous FBI going to arrest this Chimpanzee in the White House?

America has been hijacked by an international counterfeit criminal felon FRAUD, down low crack smoking homosexual, illegal alien, filthy muslim usurper.  

By:  Brent Bateman 


  1. Go Bateman. I have been following you for three years, and you are the only one telling it like it is.

  2. NOOOOO - don't sugar coat it - tell us how it REALLY is. The stuff in there is all good and true, left out gutless commie infiltrator who bows down to foreign dictators while throwing our allies under the bus, and is purposely bankrupting the country in order to bring us to our knees for the NWO. Can anyone say "mark of the beast"? It's coming to a town near you, and sooner than you can imagine.

  3. Let's see who is brave enough to bring this to talking points in the debates.

  4. GIVE THEM HELL JOE.We have got to vote these Chicago thugs out starting with Obama.14 Trillion in debt,our kids & grandkids will be paying this off.He has spent more money than all our presidents combined.He & his administration will ruin this country.

  5. That would be great the FBI goes into the oval office and arrest Obama as an illegal alien, followed with fraud, conspiracy, and treason Oh that’s right cant be treason because he is not an American, but then they would have to arrest their boss head of the FBI for conspiracy to Treason alone with the head of the CIA and Homeland Insecurity, and half the high level judges. For the same Oh but they are all citizens of Israel. Yes but their joint citizenship allows them to be charged with treason...