Friday, September 14, 2012

Amidst Terrorist Death Threats, NBC 2 in Houston Censors Filmmaker's Anti-Obama Documentary, Refuses to Air Film's Trailers: Total Media Blackout

Newswire - Houston, Texas - Amidst more than a half dozen death threats over the past four days, Quad City Pictures announced today from Houston, Texas, that the Houston FBI, the Houston police department, along with the Los Angeles police department, have all joined the investigation regarding the death threats aimed at filmmaker Brent Bateman, a Los Angeles resident, who said he now has had to reconsider the security detail for his Houston trip regarding the opening of his shocking and explosive documentary film, "FRAUD," the anti-Obama feature headed for a nationwide release.

"He told me,"If you show that fraud film in Texas, I'm gonna cut your head off and blow up that theater worse than Colorado," Bateman said this afternoon from Los Angeles, referring to the death threat phone call he received late last night. "With what is happening right now around the world with that Islam film, the media is ignoring potential terrorists from killing Houston residents who plan to see FRAUD. It's really surreal. I never thought the entire media would ignore potential domestic terrorist acts against the Citizens of Texas just for exercising their right to go and see this film."

In another shocking and breaking development, Executive Producer Kevin G. Smith has reported today from Houston that NBC 2 in Houston, Texas, has now refused to air the two 30 second trailer spots Quad City Pictures and its distribution firm attempted to buy Monday to promote the film's September 22nd Houston opening, saying "NBC does not air THAT kind of material," igniting what will sure to become the censorship story of the decade.

In the most blatant case of censorship since 2 Live Crew, "FRAUD" filmmaker Brent Bateman has a warning for the government and its communist controlled media, "When the world learns that NBC the network is engaged in free speech censorship, it will backfire on that corrupt and communist shill for the CIA. NBC is a total disgrace to the people of America"

Houston, Texas Commercial SPOTS CENSORED AND BANNED from NBC 2 in Houston:

Quad City Pictures plans to unveil the film in Houston, Texas, next week, and then grow the film the following two weeks to select cities, before opening nationwide, taking cue from the other anti-Obama film, "2016: Obama's America," which has now made 26 million dollars at the Box Office in just four weeks, after premiering it in only one theater in Texas, beating other studio heavyweight films at the Box Office for two weeks running. 

Smith added, "We sent a press release out about the terrorist threats to every radio and television station in Houston, along with the Associated Press and Reuters, and more than 300 outlets in America, just for the mere safety of the theater audiences, and not one media outlet has ran this story."

Bateman said he remains optimistic, brushing aside his own safety, "People are ready for my film.  I've spent four years working on this project, and I wouldn't be surprised if Barack Hussein Obama was thrown in prison after this film is released. This is a must see film for anyone who has the right to vote in this country."

Despite the several death threats, Executive Producer Kevin G. Smith, Jr. anticipates a sell out. "This film is the single most important film of the last 50 years politically. In 100 years, this film will be shown in classrooms and universities across America to scare children and students away from socialism, corruption, and communism."

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  1. It's obvious the entire government and press is just one big giant scam and we are just watching them take our freedoms away.

    This should be headline news around the world right now.

  2. WOW. I used to think the people who hated Obama were just crazy white racists, and now I'm ashamed I voted for him.

    I pray for the safety of anyone involved in bringing forth the truth regarding he fraud in the white house.

    Shame on the media. May the blood be on their hands if anything happens to these people.

  3. NBC is owned by GE, who has one of the biggest government contract in the world. and is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Obama cult and the treasonous U.S. congress.

  4. I hope this film blows up the box office bigger than that fat pig Michael Moore did with Fahrenheit 911.

    Finally....a FRAUD the people can believe in.

  5. I wonder, are not all of these people aware that ALL of the media in America is owned and controlled by the Edomite Canaanite Khazar jews.

  6. I used to tell my kids that censorship will ruin the world, and it happened in Russia with Pravda and now in America with 100% of mainstream media. Bye Bye America, welcome to Oz.

  7. I hope this film exposes the ape in chief as the filth muslim that he is.

  8. The media is communist run shill for the murderous CIA.

  9. I stopped watching television news and reading newspapers and magazines 5 years ago.

    I'm happy, healthy, and I know these facts: The United States NEVER landed on the moon, The Bush family, along with the murderous Mossad, murdered 3,000 Americans on 9.1.2001, and Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya.

    If you do accept these facts as truth, you are living in a rabbit hole, and you may find yourself getting yanked out of that rabbit hole by the murderous United States government, and into a FEMA camp designed for you.

  10. Ron Paul was right about Libya....AGAIN. I'm sickened that I live in a country that is populated with 95% brainless sheeple who cannot draft a complete sentence on paper.

  11. OMG. I cannot wait for this film to come out in Ohio. I live in Cleveland, and when this film comes here, Obama is finished in Ohio, Florida, and all these so-called decision states. I have never been so proud of a film in my life.

    This is the first time I have seen real Americans talking off the cuff without any media staging. This is the future of documentary film making.

    Kudos to you Brent Bateman. You brought tears of joy and vindication to my eyes this morning watching your film's trailers.

    May God Keep you safe.

    Jeanette Goldman
    Cleveland, Ohio

  12. Obama has murdered more than 200 children by drone missles.

    It's time to lock up this international murderer.

  13. When the smoke clears and the real truth comes out, the revolution will not be good to all of these criminals destroying America.

  14. The filmmaker talks about terrorist death threats.

    I wonder why brown shirts did not show up at his house to interview him....

    Lets this simmer in your brain for a moment: "In 1400 years, 270 MILLION people have been slaughter in the name of Islam, the "religion of peace."

    Enough Said. Share that THOUGHT!!!

  15. Censorship led to the RISE of Adolf Hitler.

    This proves that 100% of the media are paid whores and treasonous scum of the earth, who will fight fake nail and fake bonded tooth until the end, in their attempt to cover up for this mere fact.

    Barack Hussein Obama is a CIA creation, and a total FRAUD, and that is a FACT JACK!!

  16. Anyone who actually watches or reads the mainstream media should rush to Oregon and book the first assisted suicide appointment they can find. I'm sure there are million of us who will help pay your airfare and doctor's bill.

  17. The planet of the ape Michelle Ovomit was disbarred from the Illinois Bar Association in the early 90's for patient dumping at Chicago General where they paid her a million dollars a year to sit on their board.

    Look up voluntary surrender for a law license. Same thing with Crooked murderer (112 people) Bill "cocaine dealer - Mena, Arkansas," Clinton had to do.

    100% the congress, the executive and the judicial branches of the United States government are knowingly and willful criminals at large.

  18. Lies Lies Lies....yeah. The Media Lies Lies Lies...yeah.

  19. WOW is all I can say. I just bought a ticket for this film for my nephew who lives in Houston who loves obummer.

  20. When a story like this is censored by the media, you know you are living in world of fiction.

  21. Like the woman said in the trailer, "totally...completely....fraudulent"

    She SPLIT the nail on the head.

  22. If anyone does not read this and is not angered by the obvious censorship by the state-run media, I have no word actually.

  23. I was fortunate enough to get invited to a private screening of this film in May. There were only 40 people in this small Los Angeles area theater.

    At the end of the film, the audience jumped to their feet and began applauding the film.

    They turned on the lights and the filmmaker, Brent Bateman walked out in front of the theater.

    The audience continued this standing ovation for nearly twelve minutes.

  24. Obama should be tried for treason and executed for the criminal fraud he is.

  25. Anyone working in the media should heed the warning. Your days are numbered.

  26. Just as the state-run media never aired the teleprompters at both the DNC and the RNC, now they resort to censoring a documentary film casting Obama as a fraud.

    This is what is must have felt like in Russia or Germany in the 1930's.

  27. There are 77,000 federal workers who earn more than 100,000 a year in the metro Washington, DC area.

    In $2008, there were only 8,000 federal workers earning $100,000 a year.

    In 2010, the average spent on each individual senator's office was 4.5 million dollars per senator.

    That means, each U.S. Senator stole at least 2.8 million dollars from the taxpayers in 2010 on this scam alone.