Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Files EIGHT BILLION Dollar Lawsuit Against the Associated Press and 7 Media Giants

Newswire.  Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman's Eight Billion Dollar lawsuit against the Associated Press, Time Warner, News Corp., Viacom, Inc., NBC Universal, Walt Disney Company, Comcast, and Clear Channel Communications has been accepted and filed with the United States District Court's Central Division in Los Angeles.

Yesterday's historical filing will mark the first civil case in history to expose the criminal cabal known as the "mainstream media," and Bateman vows to fight his case until he wins.

"I'm going to expose the Associated Press for what it is, an American disgrace, just like the illegal commander-in-chief and murderous disgrace occupying the White House illegally.  When the military is forced to waking into the White House and arrest Barry Sortoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama), the whole world will applaud this move," Bateman said.

"My lawsuit will put the Associated Press out of business as it is now and alter the way the people of the world gather and receive their news.  I can give you eight billion reasons why the people of the world will stand up and cheer like Rocky after I make my first press appearance,"  Bateman added.

By:  James Carter

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