Monday, November 5, 2012

On Election Eve, FRAUD Filmmaker Puts Los Angeles Media on Notice

Newswire - Los Angeles.  In what was surely a stroke of good fortune and more like five strokes of good luck, FRAUD filmmaker Brent Bateman left the United States District courthouse in Los Angeles this 2012 election eve, to the surprise of spotting every Associated Press charter member of the Los Angeles area television network media parked across the street.

On October 30th, Bateman filed a One Billion Dollar lawsuit against the Associated Press, Walt Disney Company, Viacom, NBC Universal, the New York Times, Clear Channel Communications, Comcast, and Time Warner, all of whom collectively control 95% of all news, entertainment, and financial releases in the United States via its membership in the Associated Press.

Although Bateman's complaint was lodged on October 30th, and his first court appearance has not been set by the court as of today, he did encounter a stroke of luck as he walked out of the  Federal District Court in downtown Los Angeles this afternoon.

"As I was walking out of the courthouse, CBS, K-CAL, NBC, FOX, and ABC live trucks were all lined up across the street covering some worthless celebrity court appearance, and I knew I could serve them up their own story, and so I did.  I walked across the street, and at that exact same moment, all of these producers, reporters, and photographers began walking back to their trucks, and one by one, I handed them my lodged complaint. When I reached the end of the block, I turned around and looked at all of them reading my complaint.  How can anyone in the media cover this up?"

Los Angeles media trucks line Spring Street on Election Eve. 
Bateman has given Daily News Press an exclusive first-look at his One Billion Dollar Lawsuit filed in Federal Court last week.  Let's see how this October surprise plays in Peoria after the election.



  1. This guy will become a folk hero for the reclamation of America.

  2. It's all a total fraud and the criminal media are to blame.

  3. Vote Nobody 2012. A change you can believe in!!

  4. Obama is grotesque disgrace for a human being and I pray he's six feet under very very very soon.

  5. any person admitting they support the usurper in the white house are traitors to america.

  6. this is some serious shit.
    I hope this bateman guy wins 10 billion.
    ron paul 2012