Tuesday, December 11, 2012

United States Media Declares Illegal Monopoly in 24 Billion Dollar Federal Trail

Filmmaker Brent Bateman.  Bateman v. Associated
Press et, at
begins 1.7.2013 @ Central District Court
in Los Angeles, California.   
Newswire.  Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman received five of the eight proof of service notices and acknowledgements of receipt of summons and complaint today at his Los Angeles area home by what he calls,  "ONE "Rent-A-Lawyer," law firm named Caldwell Leslie in downtown Los Angeles.

"I've filed a twenty-four billion dollar lawsuit against the top seven media giants that control 92% of the United States press, news, music, entertainment, and financial releases, and all five of these corporations have banned together and elected to hire ONE scam artist law firm whose representing these fraud Corporate attorneys with no true knowledge of the law that are simply shells who are also in Vice President Positions of these media giants.  Today was actually the best day of this lawsuit," Bateman goes on.

"Time Warner, News Corporation, Viacom, Inc., Walt Disney Company, and NBC Universal, the five communist shells for the murderous and genocidal Barack Hussein Obama Cult have just admitted to the world on fucking record that yes indeed, they hold a total monopoly on the Untied States media, which is what I have argued in my complaint.,"  Bateman says.

"Look at it this way.  There are tens-of-millions of shareholders who hold stock in all five of these media giants, and their duty as corporations is to "serve the best interest" of their shareholders and the world public at large.  Pimping out a "rent-a-lawyer" to represent tens-of-millions of shareholders and stockholders in a twenty-four billion dollar lawsuit is reckless and bordering on unethical.  I cannot wait until this grotesque, sickening, and treasonous media is forced to admit they have inadvertently just exposed their illegal, fraudulent, and criminal shill for the United States of Israel, and I will prove this in court.  Then all hell is going to break loose around the world...Mark my words," Bateman chirped.

Let the fireworks begin January 7th, 2013 for Bateman's first court appearance in what will become the civil trial of the century.

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By: John W. Booth




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