Monday, November 26, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama Assassinated a 16 Year Old American Citizen: Treasonous Media Remains Silent

Newswire.  Los Angeles - Remember the good old days of the American Frontier when the word TREASON really meant something, at least according to the Supreme Document that "allegedly" governs the proven FRAUDULENT and Treasonous United States government, the United States Constitution.

If the illegal nuclear ARMS DEALER and verified murderer Benjamin Netanyahu, the Primer Murderer of Israel, can walk into the American Congress and order these Zionist controlled puppet PIGS called Congress persons, to listen to some bullshit on Israel, the number one murderous state in the world, we then, as Citizens, under the United States Constitution, can jail, impeach, and charge every single one of them with TREASON and HIGH CRIMES AGAINST THE STATES, as per my documentary film, "FRAUD," reveals, that will put Barack Hussein Obama on Death Row awaiting his Executive for Treason, Murder, and hundreds of High Crimes against the people, the state, and humanity around the world.  The gloves have come off my hands, and we'll fight these people with the law and the constitution....and we will WIN.

By the way......Bradley Manning, an open homosexual who was serving in the United States Military, who exposed the video of the U.S. Military pilots murderering on camera, 45 "cult member journalists" in Iraq, and exposed this to the CIA controlled Military, has been locked away for TWO YEARS NOW without any charge being levied against him.  It's time to take loaded guns and demand the release of Bradley Manning.

Enough is Enough.  It's time for the Revolution, and Bradley Manning shall be the beginning.

Load up your GUNS, and brings your Kurt Cobain said.....Here we are now...Entertain Us.....

By;  Brent Bateman


  1. all of congress must be executed for treason.

  2. Gibbs is right,these things happen when you join Al Qeada,or in this instance if your father does. Very brutal,but that's life. leave it to this brain-dead racist asshole to blame the black man for crimes he didn't commit!