Friday, November 30, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Motions for First Ever Live Broadcast in Federal Civil Court

Newswire.  Los Angeles, CA - FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman quietly motioned the Federal District Court's Central Division in Los Angeles today to allow Live broadcasting cameras in what will surely become the biggest civil trial in the history of the world.  The federal district court has scheduled its first motion date for January 7th, 2013, in BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press et al., and Bateman says the whole world will change overnight after the outcome of his eight billion dollar  civil lawsuit.

"I've got the Associated Press and all of their cohorts and charlatans by the balls and they they all know it.  It only makes sense to allow cameras in the courtroom for the biggest felony and treasonous FRAUD trial in history.  Barack Hussein Obama will be impeached and awaiting his treason trials once I'm finished, and I have all the evidence and proof to force the United States Military, by law and under the United States Constitution, to walk into the Zionist jew controlled White House and arrest Hussein Obama and the rest of these murderers, genocidal assassins, and communist progressives killing our children through war for oil, power, and greed," Bateman spoke by phone this afternoon.


"I'm not one of those people who talk bullshit like most of these filthy communist talking heads commonly referred to as talk show hosts, I act, and it's time to act now and this lawsuit will take America back from the Zionist jews who have illegally hijacked the treasonous White House, the treasonous United States Congress, and nearly 100% of all federal courts by their "appointments" to these federal courthouses by these Usurper-In-Thief's illegally placed into office by the murderous and mostly homosexual C.I.A., along with the grotesque lying, and treasonous Zionist jew controlled media, and their sickening and illegal money kiting scheme called the Federal Reserve and their illegal collection agency, the filthy Internal Revenue Service," Bateman goes on.

Tick Tock...the Zionist clock has run out of time.   The REVOLUTION is arriving.

As the silence is deafening surrounding C.I.A. and Military Hostage, American Hero Bradley Manning, throughout the criminal and treasonous United States media, may the FRAUD film and this upcoming trial blow the lid sky high and may the people of this still-great nation rise up and arrest and jail these treasonous criminals.

By:  Havier Ankuar 


  1. WOW. Hip hip horray.

  2. fuck yeah. just donated $20 bucks to the FRAUD legal fund.

    the revolution is for sure here.