Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bradley Manning, Obama, 9.11, and the Jew Conspiracy

Manning being held illegally by the CIA controlled United States
Military. 12.3.2012
Newswire.  Los Angeles - While most of the country has yet to hear the name Bradley Manning from the criminal, treasonous, and felony ridden mainstream media in America, 90% the sheeple masses of this country have never cared to know who Bradley Manning is, they're too busy with Oprah Winfrey and Kobe Bryant.  But please America, I want you you meet BRADLEY MANNING.

A solider first, an American second, a child third, a son forth, a boy fifth, and now a 24-year- old openly homosexual man, who is quietly becoming an American Hero, while the zionist controlled media has finally begun writing about Manning.  I find it ironic that Manning is shown to the world by the filthy zionist controlled press only one day after I call for all Americans to begin marching with loaded guns in support and for the immediate release of Manning.

Bradley Manning, while working as an Intelligence Analyst in Iraq in 2009 and 2010, is accused by the zionist controlled  jew bankers, of sending thousands of classified documents to Wiki Leak Founder and International HERO Julian Assange.   Manning was held for more than a year in nothing more than a 8 FOOT by 8 FOOT CELL with no windows.  

He was then put in solitary confinement in Virginia for nearly nine months without ANY charges being levied against him.  This is illegal and not a law of this land, and we as Citizens have the right to load up guns, march, and demand the release of Manning today.  If the people of this country educate themselves to the United States Constitution, we have the right to bear arms and take back our government from the treasonous cult in Washington destroying this once great nation.

The reality of those documents.  Barack Hussein Obama's treasonous CIA was the actual perpetrators of these leaks, as per the zionist controlled media reported in 2010.  This is the real reason these zionist murders are illegally dictating our Supreme Court, our media, our congress, fake Wall Street, our banks, our laws, and in Bradley Manning's case in particular, covering up for the Obama Cult and CIA leaks.

Once the masses of the world see the video below, and what it really means, the United States murderous CIA will cease to exist, and the Zionist jew conspiracy will be exposed, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Isreal and the murderous Mossad planned, executed, and carried out 9.11.2001, with the assistance and total blessing of the Bush family, as they control the murderous and mostly closeted and deathly shameful drug addicted homosexual CIA.

This is why the filthy CIA is trying to force Bradley Manning to take the fall for the Barack Hussein Obama cult.  It was the Obama cult insiders who actually leaked most of these "alleged classified" documents, but they did not leak the video below that Manning leaked to Wiki Leaks, the website that is now almost bankrupt because filthy jew and former congressman Joseph Lieberman, who was able to get VISA to stop taking donations via Wiki Leaks.  Can you even believe that was possible.  Getting the world's largest credit card company to stop taking donations for a whistle blowing website that whistle blows MURDER, GENOCIDE, and TORTURE of people from all of the world?  Unfathomable.  It's time to Boycott and put Visa out of business.

This is more proof and evidence of the jew conspiracy Mel Gibson, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, and even Abraham Lincoln spoke openly and freely about and loathed.  In fact, Henry Ford, the man responsible for the mass production of the world's automobiles, wrote a book, The Internationl Jew:  The World's Foremost Problem, and it was full of the real truth of this filthy, murderous, and genocidal cult masquerading itself as a religion.

Excerpt from Ford's Enlightening Book: 

The Fourteenth Protocol --
"When we become rulers we shall regard as undesirable the existence of any religion except our own, proclaiming One God with Whom our fate is tied as The Chosen People, and by Whom our fate has been made one with the fate of the world. For this reason we must destroy all other religions. If thereby should emerge contemporary atheists, then, as a transition step, this will not interfere with our aims.

The Fifth Protocol --
"A world coalition of Gentiles could cope with us temporarily, but we are assured against this by roots of dissension among them so deep that they cannot be torn out. We have created antagonism between the personal and national interests of the Gentiles by arousing religious and race hatreds which we have nourished in their hearts for twenty centuries. "

This video shows pilots of the CIA controlled military of the United States murdering forty-five (45) Reuters reporters in Iraq.  This is not just collateral damage, but it's cold blooded murder, and any viewer will come to the same conclusion.

See America, the jews are behind it all, and the Mossad, along with the George Bush murderous cult, murdered 3,000 American Citizens to create all of these FAKE wars to steal the money, oil, drugs, and gold from the world and give it to the filthy zionist jew bankers and their slave lapdogs; the murderous CIA and the treasonous United Stated Executive, Judicial, and Congressional branches of America's federal government.

S.O.S, to the FBI and every single local county Sheriff in the United States.  It's time to act now before the people do.  The cookies have been let out of the jar and people are going to rise up and rebuild America's Cookie Jar.

It's time to load up your guns and bring your friends.  I smell a Revolution with gun powder, and the criminals and murderers running the show better take cover.

The People of America are coming.

By:  Brent Bateman 

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