Monday, December 3, 2012

Buddy's Cookies To Build First-Ever Drive-Thru Cookie Stand

Buddy's Cookies @ BUDDYLAND is slated to begin construction in 2013.
BUDDYLAND will create more than 1,000 jobs in the state next year alone.  
Newswire.  Los Angeles - Buddy's Cookies announced today from Los Angeles that it will begin construction in 2013 on Buddy's Cookies @ BUDDYLAND, the nation's first-ever Drive-Thru cookie stand.  Although Buddy's Cookies Founder Brent Bateman was not specific to the location of the first ever Buddy's Cookies, it has been reported that Bateman is planning to anchor Buddy's Cookies Drive-Thru @ BUDDYLAND, a soon-to-be-announced 100 MILLION dollar education project now in the works and slated to begin construction in Iowa in 2013.

"In 2013, Buddy The Cookie will become a household name in America, and we will begin to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for education and for children and students across the country.  In a world of of full self obsessed celebrities, treasonous politicians, and filthy media fame whores, Cookies To College, through Buddy's Cookies, will continue our legacy of education and fundraising, while giving the gift of knowledge to our participants," Bateman said today from this Los Angeles area home.

In take-off of the typical local drive-thru bank, Buddy's Cookies will feature the first-ever drive-up cookie stands, where your cookies and milk will be delivered to your car window via the same containers that banks use to transport monies to your while at your bank drive-through.

"We're going to create a menu right over the drivers of each stall, and customers will be able to interact with the Buddy's Cookies order taker in the giant service window just like at your local bank.  I figure that since the banks are destroying the country, I would serve up some sweet tasty cookies in the same fashion, but this time, the money will be give to deserving children, and not some filthy zionist bankers killing our children for war, drugs, oil, and filthy greed,"  Bateman continues.

"With Cookies To College as our non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, and Buddy's Cookies as our retail operation, we can literally load up wheel barrels full of money for students and education.  Knowledge is power, and it's time to give the power back to the people through our children.  Education is the only way to rid our country of the treasonous and murderous felons in Washington destroying our beloved America," Bateman says with a smile as he leads me to his front door.

"We're all just fortunate to have my "Buddy" looking after all of us, and with Buddy's Cookies planting itself in the Hearttland of Iowa, we'll grow and bloom the best cookies and the most educated children and students the world has ever seen.  That's my goal.  Giving the gift of knowledge is the only way for the world to rebuild itself with the principals of our children and our future in mind.  Cookies To College will lead the way in this avenue of education,"  Brent says ever so humbly.

With Bateman's upcoming historical eight billion dollar civil lawsuit against the Associated Press and the seven media giants that control government lies and total fiction propaganda, Bateman says this next year will be full of surprises.

"We're going to change the world, arrest the bankers, throw the murderous and treasonous politicians in FEMA camps, and then we're going to reclaim this land.  It's that simple and education is the number one way to accomplish these goals."

By:  Cassandra Cooper


  1. Great job Brent Bateman. I just came across this article someone sent me, and I went Western Illinois University with Brent in the late 80's and he was just as popular then as he is now.

    Kudos to you Buddy's Cookies.

    Sarah G.
    Galesburg, Illinois

  2. Giving out cookies instead of money.


  3. I love me some cookies.