Sunday, December 30, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Secret Releases Discovery in BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press et al

Newswire.  Las Vegas - FRAUD Filmmaker and Cookies To College Founder Brent Bateman has secretly released a small film clip he's created that will be used as discovery in BRENT BATEMAN v. Associated Press, et al, the 24 billion-dollar lawsuit (that's right, I said Billion with a B, like Brent Bateman with two B's) Bateman has vowed to fight and win.

"The whole world is on my side.  When the filthy bankers are exposed a bit more over the next few months, 100% of the United States House of Representatives and 100% of the United States Senate, will all be arrested and tried for misprision of treason, and that is punishable by life in prison and in some cases, death but firing squad.  If these sick fucking animals are murdering the world for their pleasures of gun control, drug trafficking, and oil running, then we can fight back, load up our guns per the United States Constitution, and take back America.  Period," Bateman barked before throwing down this video clip in front of me in the form of a DVD.

"I'm certain that 100% of the entire treasonous and felony ridden mainstream media will be bankrupt before 2016.  Mark my words.  And the people will take these bitches out in the back woods, and we will never hear or utter their names again.  It's just what is going to happen.  I've seen the future," Bateman smiles as he shuts he hotel suite door on my face.

BRENT BATEMAN v. Associate Press, et al gets underway @ 312 N. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA  on January 7th at 10 AM in Courtroom 1600.  Be there early for seats.  This is the case that will put Barack Hussein Obama in a prison cell.

By:  Backhawk Downs in Las Vegas 


  1. I just donated $250 to you Brent Bateman.

    YOU are the ONE to take the nigger from Kenya down.

  2. Obama is going to be in an orange jump suit soon.

  3. This is getting really good. I cannot wait for this trial to begin.