Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lincoln, Nebraska Cops Declare Obama is a Felon and A FRAUD

Newswire.  Los Angeles.    BREAKING NEWS. Obama to be Tried for Treason and Executed per the United States Constitution.

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Crunch Time - HELP NEEDED ^ | 12-27-2012 | butterdezillion 
Posted on Thu Dec 27 2012 12:52:06 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) by butterdezillion
It’s crunch time. My apologies to those who have tried to contact me; my computer died and I had no email access for several weeks. I’ve also been incredibly busy, part of which I will now describe:
After contacting my state AG, county attorney, and others, I realized I needed to file a criminal report in the city in which the crime was committed: Bob Bauer’s crimes of 1) of suborning perjury by advising Germond and Villaigarosa to sign an Official Certification of Nomination that Bauer KNEW had legally been disclosed as fraudulent, and 2) fraud when Bauer submitted that fraudulent, perjurious OCON to (almost) every state SOS in order to get Obama placed on the ballot. For me to fail to report these crimes would be misprision of those crimes.
With much computer trouble, I finally typed out an affidavit to submit to law enforcement, which I did on Tuesday, Dec 18th, at the Lincoln, NE Police Department. Officer Flood had seen Arpaio’s press conference and had found the evidence compelling, and was wondering why nobody was pursuing this. He gave me a case number and said he was sure he would be told not to investigate the case because it is out of his league. But he reassured me that he would refer it to the state Attorney General – whose office had (falsely, according to Flood) told me that they can’t accept referrals from the general public.
I published the affidavit here with a password required, so that I could allow the members of Congress and others (such as Larry Klayman) to easily see the evidence as well as the notary’s seal next to my signature. I didn’t want the general public to see the affidavit because all the names and contact info was intact. When I realized that others would see that I had posted something I removed the link from public view.
I may soon provide public access to a redacted version, though I first need to check on the legality and wisdom of doing so, given my sources and the circumstances. I’m not a lawyer; I’m blundering my way through. We have a very small window of time in which to act, and all I know is that I have to do whatever I can within that window of time, because after that it will be too late. If Obama is inaugurated on Jan 20th, it will be the equivalent of the Enabling Act of 1933 – after which any peaceful resistance to Hitler’s agenda was made criminal. By regulatory fiat, resistance to Obama can make someone a “belligerent”, vulnerable to open-ended detainment without charges and no recourse for justice. Part of the “more flexibility” Obama promised Medvedev is the ability to detain people without fear of the public being able to boot him out of office in an election.
What stands in his way right now are Congress and an armed citizenry. If Congress fails to stop him, America as we have known her will be over, and confiscation of guns will be next – the last obstacle to the final, open coup against the America of the Founders. We can all see how this is shaping up. The time to fight is now, through legal means while we still have them.
I bought a fax machine and faxed a letter to all Republican members of Congress. I wanted to send to them all but had neither the time nor the money to do so. I just posted a redacted version of the letter I faxed (at ). I have the transmission logs to prove that I sent to them. I can prove that all but a handful (whose fax machines were busy) of the Republican Congress members have been notified that every electoral vote for Obama is LEGALLY KNOWN to have been acquired through fraud, and that Obama CANNOT “qualify” by Jan 20th as required by the 20th Amendment, unless he is challenged in court, his legally-nonvalid BC presented as evidence, and its probative value determined so his birth facts can also be legally determined. They all know what they have to do if the rule of law means anything.
And now is the crunch time. This is when we find out whether we have any rule of law left in this country, or whether our Congress has become the German Parliament of the Third Reich which willingly gave all power to Adolf Hitler because they couldn’t see how piddly “politics” is compared to Hitler’s agenda. I will remind you all that Larry Grathwohl listened to Obama’s friends from Columbia University talk about the logistics of exterminating 25 million people they expected to resist “re-education”. Hitler has nothing on these guys, and if we or Congress ignore that fact we deserve everything we will most certainly get.
I need your help. I need you to call or visit your Representative and Senators and tell them they HAVE to look at the letter I sent and the affidavit I signed. And they need to contest every fraudulently-obtained electoral vote – which is ALL of them. Furthermore, they need to do what is LEGALLY required in order to determine Obama’s eligibility. Congress can’t do it; Hawaii statute says probative value is determined when the nonvalid birth certificate is presented as evidence to a JUDICIAL OR ADMINISTRATIVE PERSON OR BODY – NOT legislative. There is no way Congress can lawfully certify any of these electoral votes without a legal, court trial. The challenge of the electoral vote has to result in a legal challenge so Hawaii law can be fulfilled. Even if Congress UNLAWFULLY certifies the electoral vote, ANY ONE MEMBER OF CONGRESS can file a lawsuit with standing so that the BC and all the evidence related to its genuineness (microfilms, computer transaction logs, passport records, etc) can be examined according to the Federal Rules of Evidence and birth facts determined.
I also need your help to try to find who within Congress has the integrity and courage to be that one person, so I can address their concerns and questions personally.
I also need to know if there is anybody within the other states who would be willing to file a criminal complaint in the Police Department in your state capital. For the police to take it seriously somebody has to file the complaint in person, and I can’t afford to fly to every state capital and file a complaint. I can provide a signed affidavit that can be given to the police departments as evidence once there is a case filed, but I need somebody who can be there personally to report the crime to create a case file. The police will conduct a background check on whoever reports a crime, and the Lincoln Police Dept has conducted a background check on me.
This is where the rubber hits the road, guys. If you can help, please post to tell me what you can do and we can make arrangements using whatever email address you give me to use. If you create a free hushmail account at I can send encrypted email to you. I will keep all posts unpublished unless you specifically say you want it published.
God bless the USA!

By:  Brent Bateman in Las Vegas 


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