Monday, January 21, 2013

Arrest, Jail, and Execute Bankers & 100% of Federal and all States CONGRESSES NOW for MASS MURDER

Daily News Press for the MARCH on WASHINGTON. 
Newswire.  Los Angeles - As the proven and verifiable evidence is all over the world, via your own fingertips via the Internet, the now "HIJACKING" of the United States CONSTITUTION by communists has taken place, and under this same sacred document, we, as state Militia's, and as individual Citizens living and breaking under this United States Constitution, we have the TOTAL and LEGAL right to BEAR ARMS, and begin the march on Washington DC with LOADED GUNS....(Semi-automatic weapons, riffles, and any handgun you can get your hands on LEGALLY), and demand the removal of Usurper and WORLD ASSASSIN Barack Hussein Obama, murderer Joseph Biden, mass murderer Hillary Clinton, the entire White House staff and administration, and the entire United States Congress, along with all NINE Usurper UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT JUSTICES.  PERIOD.  There is no other legal way to DEFINE what has taken place on January 20.2013.

"Let me ME be very clear to everyone reading this, including the mass murdering JOHN BRENNAN, who has mass murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, hundreds of thousands of Afghanistan's human beings, and JOHN BRENNAN was also the Architect and master planner of 9.11.2001, mass murdering nearly 3,000 America Citizens, at the direction of the mass murdering pedophile fucking grotesque GEORGE H. BUSH I, who is a HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE and I have evidence of that as well, in the clips below.  George FUCKING BUSH I, kidnapped young boys via BOYS TOWN in Nebraska, and would then torture them, rape them, and then train them to become international ASSASSINS, of which may be the case with JOHN BRENNAN.  The reason you may ask???


Well....if you find young boys on the street and kidnap them...they are dead in the eyes of the world.  So then you torture and rape them, and then brainwash them to later become world-wide assassins, and all of this done for the grotesque homosexual PEDOPHILE pleasure of GEORGE H. BUSH I and KARL ROVE and DONALD RUMSFIELD, and ARNOLD SCHWARZNEGGER, and all the dick sucking homosexual RE-PUKE-A-KINS that visit Bohemian Grove in Northern California annually.  It's all in the video clips below, trust me," Bateman says as he almost literally throws-up in his kitchen sick.

Stay Tuned to Daily News Press for competed coverage of the
MARCH on WASHINGTON.  Buy your guns and ammo now
before the communists take them off the shelves of Wal-Mart,
Farm-King, and any gun purchase facility in the United States.
"And then you train them to ASSASSINATE people all over the world via the MOSTLY HOMOSEXUAL CIA, as I have said for years.  That way, if and when any of these "GHOST" Boystown boys ever gets caught ASSASSINATING anyone or any group of people, or ASSASSINATING a Leader like Muammar Gaddafi, then you just MURDER that CIA agent, or group if CIA agents, as they have NO FAMILY, or NEXT OF KIN to notify, and that makes the SCRUB JOB, or the CLEAN-UP of this HUMAN BEING easy to deal with in the whole scheme of their MASS MURDERING EMPIRE called the CIA.  The FBI is simple like a little bitch-step-child of the MASS MURDERING COMMUNIST CIA.  Add trust me, as I shared on Daily News Press a few days ago, the BUSH FAMILY collected the CIA card during the Presidency, and they they murdered JFK,"  Bateman rambles so fast I was lucky to have recorded it on audio.

"The mass murdering communists who have taken control with the banks are all in some deep shit, and I cannot wait to watch the revolution in America.  Oh...and all of these communists better watch out...your children, and all of your families will be in the line of fire as well,"  Bateman said with a smile.

We can only watch as this WORLD REVOLUTION to take out the mass murdering communists and evil cults called religion from this beautiful planet earth.

"Remember your skywalker humans....RELIGION has been the cause of ALL WAR, all GENOCIDE, and almost ALL MASS MURDERING in the history of your little existence here on planet earth. The only way to the light, is to...Well now...that's a secret," Bateman says with a smile.

 By: Penny B. Lincoln in Las Vegas

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