Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obama Proven FRAUD, Proven Communist, and Proven World Assassin: A Homosexual CIA Masterpiece

Newswire.  Los Angeles. As reporter by FRAUD Filmmaker BRENT BATEMAN on May 11.2011, Harrison J. Bounel is the DEAD man from Connecticut, where Obama's NOW Social Security number he's using is ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT, and Barry Soetoto, aka, Harrison Bounel, aka CIA plant, has now committed hundreds of millions of FELONY COUNTS of WIRE FRAUD and FELONY FRAUD by accepting donations at his FRAUDULENT and ILLEGAL websites to illegally run for Usuper-In-Thief, as a sickening "acting" exercise for the MASS MURDERING CIA.

Thank you for your continued coverage of the biggest ASSASSIN MURDEROUS COMMUNIST TAKE-OVER of AMERICA in world history.

Stay Tuned to Daily News Press for the Semi-Automatic, Riffle, and Loaded Guns March on Washington to remove the COMMUNISTS who have officially OVERTHROWN the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Literally.....LOAD UP YOUR GUNS AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS.  Kurt Cobain was way ahead of his time.

By:  Anthony Luther Jr. II @ near VACANT Sandy Hook School  

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