Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daily News Press Exclusive: The Reptile Take-Over of Planet Earth

Los Angeles - FRAUD Filmmaker and Guinness Book of World Records holder BRENT BATEMAN has released to the Daily News Press what will go down in planetary history as the first REAL-FULL disclosure of the FRAUD known as Barack Hussein Obama.

As humans continue their individual and collective journey of everlasting life through the light of GOD, our beloved planet Earth has been hijacked by dinosaur reptile creatures who have sold their GODLESS souls into the abyss of the darkness, and the SUN and the MOON will destroy the solar system of such parasitic infestation and grotesque alteration of mankind.

"Only those who cannot find the light while living will perish into eternal darkness with no soul and no memory.  Earth is GOD's greatest achievement in sustaining the ability to learn, grow, understand, see, and accept the SUN'S light as the only everlasting life for eternity."  -Brent Bateman 1.25.2013

BUY your ONLINE DAY PASS for Brent Bateman's 3-HOUR historical feature film, FRAUD, the film that will change the world and the energy of the solar system and the only GOD of all creation, the SUN and the MOON.

FRAUD is now the most censored feature film in the history of the world. 

By:  Brent Bateman in Los Angeles

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