Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fox News' Sean Hannity Lies, Chris Wallace is No Journalist

Sioux City, Iowa - In yet another attempt to smear the Ron Paul campaign, Fox news continues it's propaganda against the only candidate who the treasonous media knows is not a bought and paid for red headed step child of the New World Order.

Fox's Sean Hannity continues to lie lie lie to the American people right on the air. In another humorous display of how desperate the media has become to discredit and derail the Ron Paul revolution, the Fox news slide clearly shows Paul in first place, but the headline reads: Paul surges into second in Iowa.

In more less-than-shocking-news, news hack Chris Wallace is not backtracking from his admission that 
if Ron Paul wins the Iowa Caucasus, then Iowa is irrelevant to the nation as it's choice of who should lead our country. Wallace went on say today that he stands by his state-run media slander against Paul. I'm certain that the millions of citizens who live and thrive in Iowa would highly disagree with this slanderous neocon babble. 

Growing up on the Iowa/Illinois border, I can say with certainty, if it weren't for Iowa, 60% of the nation's food supply would be gone. Iowa boasts the best education system in the country, and the people of the Heartland state are some of the most gifted and friendly people you will ever be fortunate enough to meet. 

It's obvious the Zionist controlled media is deathly afraid their gravy train will come to an end once Ron Paul becomes the next president of the United States.

Thank God for Iowa.

By: Brent Bateman


  1. I live in Ames, and everyone here is rooting for Dr. Paul.

  2. notice in that image , they have gingrich First at 22% then they have Paul second at 23%???? Do they not know that 23 is higher than 22?

  3. stop being so quick to jump to conclusions. paul has 21% in that poll. someone made a typo at fox

  4. FOX and CNN and the same thing, just different idiot liars on camera.