Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rick Perry "In His Own Words" AD Claims Perry A Closet Homosexual

In another attempt to smear yet another Republican candidate's name, it seems an AD now on its way to going viral in the political world, this time Rick Perry is the target, but because of this clever AD, it's Rick Perry in his own words, making a case why Perry is not the right person to hold the office of President of the United States.

Rick Perry - In His Own Words, also targets Perry as a closet homosexual, which may seem far fetched to those who see him as a lovable family man with five children. 

It has been rumored for several years around the Texas statehouse that Perry, is in fact, a shameful, closet homosexual, and was caught having sex with then Secretary of State Geoff Connor in the statehouse office. 

While several media outlets near the capitol touched on the subject briefly a few year ago,  most have never talked about this issue again.  It seems all is fair in politics except the closet homosexual lifestyles of such high profile political figures. 

Adam Stoltz, a law student who clerked for a Washington heavyweight says, "If I told you Barack Obama was a closet homosexual, and more than half of Washington is populated with closet, homosexual men, you would think I was crazy, but I know for a fact that Reggie Love and Obama have been lovers for years." 

It has been reported that Obama's body man, Reggie Love, and Obama have been carrying on a down low homosexual relationship since Obama's former lover Donald Young, was murdered execution style  in 2007, which was done to cover-up then Illinois Senator Barack Obama's closet, crack-cocaine addicted, sex life.

As Perry now joins the fray of adulterers in the race for the White House, I'm sure he would most certainly become talk show fodder with the revelation of his down low homosexual lifestyle, only the treasonous media would never allow that to happen to a friend of the Bilderberg Group, to be exposed to the masses and the sheeple.

By:  Brent Bateman

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