Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ron Paul Winning the AD Game

In this day and age of facebook, twitter, texting, i-poding, and now face timing, America has officially become the land of PDA gadgets and technology overload. It seems that the 21st century has caught on well with this new generation of communication, changing the way we talk, walk, speak, and even the way we work.

As most people who follow the state-run propaganda called the United States mainstream press, it seems as the 2012 election cycle begins to heat up, we find yet another group of Republican hopefuls who continue to assure the American people that they can beat the usurper currently occupying the White House illegally.

While the treasonous media continues to ignore congressman Ron Paul of Texas, his support grows by leaps and bounds. During last month's CBS Debate, the state-run CBS only allowed Paul 89 seconds of airtime, although Paul has won more than 25 straw polls, the most of any candidate. In the most recent ABC Debate held in Iowa, Paul was given a little more than 8 minutes of airtime, compared to the state-runned media's poster boy, Mitt Romney, who was given nearly 20 minutes of talk time.

Although Paul continues to downplay the media's treatment of him and his campaign of less government and more liberty, it seems that the Paul campaign may have begun to hit jackpot with it most recent AD on Newt Gingrich, Selling Access.

Anyone who lived as an adult during the 1990's knows how much of a fraud Gingrich was, trying to sell America on some moral fabric march to the New World Order. Most people don't know this, but it was Newt Gingrich who traveled the country with racist and tax-cheat Al Shaprton, talking about their communist agendas, and we all know the good ole boy Newt and his gal pal Nancy Pelosi are in bed together for the global warming hoax.

When the dust begin to clear in Iowa, I would put my money on Ron Paul. His AD's are clearly making the establishment worried, scared, and he's got the criminal and treasonous media on the run.

Run Ron Run.

By: Brent Bateman


  1. Newt Gingrich took 1.6 million from Fannie Mae. He is a NWO puppet.