Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sparks Fly in Iowa Over Ron Paul, Romney Proclaims Bigotry, and Bachmann Gets Bitch Slapped

Sioux City, Iowa - While Newt Gingirch was repeatedly hammered and exposed for being the neocon propaganda artist he has always been, sparks were again flying over Texas congressman Ron Paul in Iowa tonight at the Fox News Republican Presidential debate over his foreign policy position with Iran, but the cake topper for tonight's spectacle hands down was the gay marriage bigotry and abortion rights fodder exchanged between the real losers of the Republican party.

Michelle Bachmann hounded Gingrich for taking 1.6 million dollars from Fannie Mae, and Gingrich in return said he was in fact working in the private sector at the time, and that lobbying in the private sector is completely different than lobbying as a member the United States congress.  Bachmann went on to say that Gingrich was essentially stealing from the taxpayers who have continued to bailout these criminal housing entities.

Then little Miss Bachmann decided she'd take a stab at Ron Paul for his stance on Iran and the absurd foreign policy the Untied States currently operates under, while the rest of the neocon slaves to the Zionist bankers cheered her on.  Then Ron Paul turned to her, and gave the little bigot war mongering puppet a smack down like I've never seen before in presidential politics.  The crowd went wild.

But the cake topper of the debate goes to Mitt Romney for his desperate attempts to proclaim how much he hates homosexuals.  His stance on gay marriage, just as everyone on the stage aside from Ron Paul, is why these crooked and bigoted politicians belong in one of those FEMA camps they're now secretly stocking with coffins for me and you.  Although Ron Paul is not personally for abortion and believes in traditional marriage, he also understand that personal Liberty and the right to our own pursuit of happiness is a God given right under the constitution of the United States.  Translation:  Get the federal and state governments out of our personal lives.

In a state that passed gay marriage without much fanfare, it just proves how much bigotry still exists in the hierarchies of the Republican party, and how out of touch these candidates are about the protection of our civil liberties and our own personal right to the pursuit happiness, regardless of who we choose to love.

Will the Elephant in the room please sit down.

By:  Brent Bateman


  1. That is not exactly true. Romney spoke out against discrimination many times, he just said he defended traditional marriage. I am a Ron Paul fane myself but I don't want us to get our facts incorrect. What we really should care about are the policies and ALL of the candidates at the debate last night DON'T have a policy that follows the constitution. Dr. Paul does.

  2. Ron Paul is going to win everything, including beating that usurper in the white house.