Sunday, October 21, 2012

Filmmaker Achieves Cinematic Film History

Filmmaker Brent Bateman outside the Las Vegas Regal Theaters
Village Square Stadium 18. Bateman has achieved cinematic film
history with the release of his controversial documentary film,
"FRAUD," about Barack Hussein Obama.  
Newswire - Los Angeles, CA - Filmmaker Brent Bateman has achieved cinematic film history with the October 19th release of his controversial documentary film, "FRAUD," about Barack Hussein Obama.

In August of 2008, with just $15,000 and a home movie camera, Bateman began a four year journey across the country in search of the truth behind the Barack Obama birth certificate story, which now has Bateman's documentary film, "FRAUD," poised to reach theaters nationwide the weekend before the election.

"I was literally given the green light for this film by Regal Theaters last Friday, and we were able to bring "FRAUD" to the big screen in less than 5 days.  No one has ever accomplished that in film history, so whether people like the content of my film or not, FRAUD will go down in history as such."  Bateman said Sunday from his Los Angeles area home.

"Over the past 3 weeks, I have received more than 30 death threats, and all of the television networks have refused to air my film's commercial trailer spots while censoring the FRAUD film movement, as it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama was born in a village in Kenya,"  Bateman adds.

After nearly two years of searching for a film distribution deal, Bateman found that 100% of Hollywood is embedded into what he calls, "The Obama Cult," and no one in Tinsel Town would go near his film.  He said the mention of his film and its synopsis to anyone with clout in Hollywood resulted in no return phone calls, no return e-mails, and no contact ever again.

"Now I know how filmmakers in the 50's felt about the blacklisting of Hollywood directors and stars who did not "obey" the government "story,"  Bateman said.

"My films is going to change politics forever.  I've let the FRAUD out of the bag.  The entire government is criminal, and there may be a lot of people going to prison when my film is released nationwide," Bateman said with a smile, as I walked outside his house and to my vehicle.

When I climbed into my beat-up old 2010 Range Rover and cranked the engine, "Talkin' About a Revolution" by the Beatles began blaring over the radio, and just for a few moments in time, I think the Beatles were actually speaking about Brent Bateman, while the entire media and Hollywood remain utterly silent.

Just for a brief moment in time.

FRAUD is Now Playing in Las Vegas, NV, Houston, TX Columbus, OH, Knoxville, TN, and Fairfax, VA.


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By:  Adam Goldberg 


  1. this film is unreal. i left the theater shaking my head in disbelief that one person exposes so much.

    god speed this film around the world.

  2. Best documentary I have ever seen.

  3. WOW. I cannot believe this is actually in theaters. I cannot wait for it to come to Atlanta.

  4. Most of America knows Obama is a Fraud, and this film maker was just brave enough to expose the truth.

    I'm still shocked this is actually in any theater with the government censorship.

  5. this story is living proof that the media and the government are one in the same. i hope this film starts a buzz so big it cannot be stopped.

  6. MG I went to college at Western Illinois University with Brent Bateman. He worked for the news station at WIU. I sure hope this comes to Peoria, Illinois.

  7. I just took my 88 year old mother to see this film in Fairfax. After the film, my mother said she was actually physically ill after learning about all of the crimes against the people in this film committed by politicians.

    I applaud this young man who had the courage, determination, and the gump to bring these facts and truths to the big screen. As we say in're an outstanding people."