Friday, October 26, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman's 50 MILLION DOLLAR Challenge: Associated Press Admits Obama Birth Cover-Up

The Associated Press Headquarters, New York City. 
Newswire - Los Angeles.  FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman announced today from Las Vegas that his Trump card played on Donald Trump yesterday simply reaffirmed what he's been talking about for two weeks.

"The corporate owned media is more criminal than side show acts Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Trump.  I'm holding a press conference Monday in Los Angeles, and I will guarantee you that media from around the world will be forced to report this story," Bateman says by skype this evening. 

"Look, I have evidence of a massive cover-up by the Associated Press that will guarantee Barack Hussein Obama will lose the election.  The AP, a 'so-called non-profit cooperative,' gathers and collects information for free, then turns around and charges other publications subscription fees to publish their White House and government controlled propaganda, " the FRAUD Filmmaker goes on. 

"Over the past three days, four 'so-called' Associated Press reporters and 'so-called' Bureau Chiefs, flat out told me on the phone that they were Barack Obama supporters and that no story about my film or Barack Hussein Obama's fake and forged birth certificate would ever see the light of day by the AP."

"This is the same "non-profit" cooperative that was found guilty in 1945 by the United States Supreme Court for breaking the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, while prohibiting other AP members from selling their stories to other non AP member publications."

"Remember, a non-profit organization is granted that legal status from the IRS and classified as such, so how is it legal for the Associated Press to sell subscriptions from news they collect free of charge?  Figure that one out and you'll find the rats.  The Associated Press is now simply a shill for the Barack Obama cult, and I have extensive evidence of that, as well as their blatant and concerted effort to cover-up and censor my historical documentary film,  along with massive amounts of evidence of yellow journalism," Bateman said.

Tonight, Quad City Pictures,, officially begun selling 5 MILLION TICKETS over the next 10 DAYS online for it's soon-to-be-announced 14 DAY THEATER EXCLUSIVE RUN of FRAUD in theaters across the United States, slated to run after the election.

Bateman says he plans to donate 100% of the profits from the film's Box Office to the Public Charity he founded 13 years ago in Los Angeles, Cookies To College.

"Unlike carnival act Donald Trump, if five million people buy a ticket to go see FRAUD before November 3rd online, which is very realistic given a fair amount of media coverage, we'll raise tens of millions of dollars for education and fundraising in a matter of days, Brent says as our Skype picture goes dark.

"I brought a 2 1/2 hour feature film to the big screen in five days.  With given the right coverage of this gigantic announcement, we can potentially sell 5 million movie tickets to the most politically censored film in American politics, so all of America can see the continued treasonous and felony crimes committed by the Associated Press and the mainstream media," Bateman barks.

"It's time to use the laws of this country against all the criminals who are breaking these laws that guarantee the continuation of the bought and paid for media through libel, libel, libel, and by contrivance.  Nearly 100% of what the media reports in the news is fiction.  I covered a presidential election as a reporter, and let me tell you this:  Every single press appearance during all presidential campaigns are totally staged, and all the questions are staged and approved days before the event,"  Bateman rattles off.

"When I make my announcement from Downtown Los Angeles on Monday, October 29, 2012, the game is going to change, and the people of America are going to stand up and cheer like Rocky," Bateman says with a smile as he winks and our Skype session disconnects.


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