Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Trumps The Donald: Offers $50 MILLION to Public Charity

Newswire - Los Angeles.  "FRAUD" Filmmaker Brent Bateman announced today by phone from an undisclosed location,  that Donald Trump has waved yet another RED HERRING at the American people, while the entire media plays along, still censoring and ignoring what has now become the biggest political censorship story and cover-up in American political history.

"Donald Trump is the exact same as Barack Hussein Obama, a lying sideshow act, simply manipulating the sheeple and criminal media of America, when my film, which I shot for a mere $15,000 and a home video camera, sits in five theaters across five key states in America, and it remains censored and covered-up by 100% of the mainstream media," Bateman said by phone this afternoon. 

"Trump knows Obama is protected by Executive Order 13489, which Obama signed into law January 21, 2009, the first day after taking office as an illegal Commander-In-Chief and United States President.  Obama's cult will simply use the excuse that he is bound by law to not disclose his records, but in reality, he signed the Executive Order into law.  Executive Order 13489 continues the protection records release of George Bush I and II, the Clinton's, the Carter's, and all the puppets called Presidents, so the people cannot see their massive amounts of crimes they have committed, until long after they are all dead.  If you think I'm kidding, look it up.  Americans need to research this stuff,"  Bateman goes on.

Dolores Mission Catholic Schooll, East Los Angeles, CA.
Dolores Mission became the first Los Angeles area school to
enroll into the Cookies To College Program. 
"I have declared today that I will give away 50 million dollars to the non-profit public charity, Cookies To College, that I founded 13 years ago, making Donald Trump's 5 million dollar offer meaningless and worthless.  Once the Box Office for FRAUD reaches 50 MILLION dollars in profits for my distribution firm, Race For The Truth, I will write a check to Cookies To College, making way for millions of students across America to earn a college education with the stroke of MY pen,"  Bateman blurted as he instructs me to hold and his phone beeping. 

"Quad City Pictures will begin selling tickets for FRAUD at a VERY-soon-to-be-announced website, and after eight million tickets are sold online, I will write a check to Cookies To College, the 509 (a) (2) Public Charity that I Founded in 1999, on live television, on any morning show in America," Bateman says. 

Bateman baked-up the idea for Cookies To College,, while he was running a medical malpractice defense law firm by day, and waiting tables at a local barbecue joint at night after moving to Los Angeles in January of 1999.

"I knew I wanted to find a way to reach children and educate them, and Cookies To College was my gift.  I've held 150 jobs in more than 100 professions, I've ran more than 30 businesses successfully, and I dealt 12 different casino games, opening 9 casinos in four states, while training tens of thousands of casino dealers the art of casino dealing."

"I've touched more than a billion dollars in real cold hard cash.  I know no one on this planet with my resume, including side show act Donald Trump, and I want to share my gifts and skills to students and children all over the world, so they can make the world a better place when they become contributing members of society," Bateman says as his voice fades over the speaker phone. 

"I've out Trumped the Donald 10 to 1, so now let's see if the media will continue to censor me and continue censoring my film.  This is an offer not even the bought and paid for media cannot refuse.  There are two more casino magnets who may appear on my side before it's over.  Just follow the money."

Wow.  I guess this is an October surprise worth 55 million dollars and counting.   Let's see if the Donald makes a counter offer. 

By:  Daniel Teague 


  1. FRAUD Now playing in Las Vegas, NV, Knoxville, TN, Columbus, OH, Houston, TX, and Fairfax, VA


  2. go fraud go. donald is nothing but a bankrupt fool.

  3. obama is shitting his black ass pants about now