Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trump Fired Obama Lawyers Over Birth Certificate: MTV Exclusive Trumped

Filmmaker Brent Bateman with Rock Legend Ozzy Osbourne
at the Four Seasons private resort in Kona, Hawaii.  Bateman
was in Hawaii in late 2011 investigating the Obama FRAUD. 
Newswire - Los Angeles.  It appears the FRAUD October surprise Donald Trump has on Obama may be just another hoax to circumvent the real October surprise, the Anti-Obama, Anti-Government film, "FRAUD," sitting in five theaters in five key election states, while 100% of the mainstream media continues to ignore the real breaking story.

"Donald Trump was represented by Manattt Phelps, the nation's most prestigious law firm representing many of the biggest names in sports and politics.  When Trump found out that Obama's birth certificate was a total forgery, even before the fake and forgery released on April 27, 2012, he quickly fired Manatt Phelps.  Manatt Phelps was running around the country for nearly three years trying to quietly squash every single one of the three or four dozen lawsuits exposing the Kenyan birth of Obama, as Obama has Manatt Phelps retained as his private attorney," Bateman said tonight from his Los Angeles area home, as the FRAUD media blackout continues.

"Trump may talk about some Obama marriage trouble and divorce papers from years ago, but that is not a bombshell, and it's irrelevant to what I have uncovered in my film.  My film proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama was born in a village in Kenya,"  Bateman said.

"Gloria Allred is a joke of an attorney and a disgrace to the profession of law.  Why anyone would give her one more minute of camera time is beyond me.  She is nothing more than a programmed, ambulance chasing robot, so whatever that fame whore says will not affect the 2012 election," Bateman quipped.

"I ran a medical malpractice law firm for three years and it was right across the street from Manatt Phelps, and I can tell you for certain that it's the law firm that all political liars and felons run to for  protection from the laws they create and then break.  Trust me.  These people are criminal felon attorneys representing Barack Hussein Obama.  I have evidence of that as well," Bateman chirped as he was laughing while waking me out of his house.

In another development, MTV News was offered an exclusive sit down interview with FRAUD Fillmmaker Brent Bateman at MTV's Santa Monica studios on Tuesday, to break the FRAUD October surprise, but MTV News instead TRUMPED the FRAUD film by staging a half hour call-in show for Obama airing this Friday night.

"When the little Obama cult sheeple at MTV realized that my film was Anti-Obama, they didn't even have the balls to call me back.  Instead, the Viacom executives pulling the strings at MTV who are trying buy Barack Obama into the White House once again, hurried up and staged a live, half-hour call in show, starring none other than Barack Hussein Obama, airing this Friday, to deflect my FRAUD film.  And, MTV is airing it on five networks simultaneously," Bateman goes on to say.

"So-called forrmer music journalist Kurt Loder and MTV News made a career off supporting the 2 Live Crew Censorship story in 1989.  Ironically, 2 Live Crew released the follow-up "Banned In The U.S.A.," the ditty sampled by 2 Live Crew, from cult charter member and adulter Bruce Springstein's original, "Born In The U.S.A.,"  Bateman leads on.

"Twenty years ago, MTV was supporting freedom of speech and expression to the tune of some foul mouth gang bangin' wanna be's called 2 Live Crew.  Now, the filthy network does nothing but promote drug dealing gangsters and third grade educated Karaoke singers posing as rock stars and pop stars.  MTV should be sued until they stop calling themselves a 'music network.'  MTV has turned into a disgrace to real songwriters, real singers, and true musicians.  Michael Jackson is rolling over in his grave about it, trust me," as Bateman finally shuts my car door and says to me, "Be safe young skywalker."

"FRAUD is BANNED by the media and Hollywood in the U.S.A., and Obama was not born in the U.S.A., and I have irrefutable proof and evidence in my film.  It's only a matter of time before the world learns the real truth," Bateman says as if so eloquently spoken, while the unknown folklore  grows around this former television reporter from Illinois.

America has yet to uncover the FRAUD October surprise.

By:  Daniel Teague

Stay Tuned @ Daily News Press and see who breaks the real FRAUD October surprise.


  1. FRAUD is now playing in Las Vegas, NV, Knoxville, TN, Fairfax, VA, Columbus, OH, and Houston, TX


  2. trump and allred have nothing. it's just a distraction from this film.

  3. Allred's divorce garbage with the Staples Founder is not news or a bombshell. someone put glorida allred out of her misery.

  4. criminals. every single one of them.

  5. what is this guy doing with Ozzy?? does ozzy know the birth certificate is a fake?

  6. Duh. Of course Ozzy knows the O is a fraud, just like oprah and the rest.

  7. i'm so confused. what is with this censorship story. someone please tell me.

  8. Thanks everyone for the words. Looks like a lot of people are working overtime to censor my film and the evidence I have to put Obama in a prison cell and tried for treason.

    I'm in a undisclosed location now for my own safety.

    Spread the word and make this viral.

    Donald Trump and Gloria Allred are simple distractions to censor and ignore my film.


  9. this is getting better than that wack job that released the muslim film.

  10. what is this have to do with obama being an illegal alien?

  11. obama= epic fail.
    romney = epic fraud.
    bush = epic fail
    carter = epic fail.
    federal government = epic fraud.
    any question.

  12. 2 Live Crew. damn. i remeber that shit.