Friday, October 26, 2012

FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman Leaks Michael Jackson HERO Trailer

Newswire - Los Angeles.  FRAUD Filmmaker Brent Bateman leaked late last night the extended theatrical trailer for his upcoming feature film "HERO," the shocking documentary about King of Pop, Michael Jackson, slated for theatrical  release in 2013 on Jackson's birthday, August 29th.

Before I hold my press conference Monday regarding the Associated Press and the Barack Hussein Obama media cover-up, I wanted Michael's fans to know that his untimely death was not in vein, and those in the Associated Press who helped to inadvertently kill him through their lies and their totally fake and bought and paid for tabloid stories pawned of as legitimate news gathering source, will face their day in court.  Enough is enough.  It's time to start arresting these yellow journalists for their massive fraud and business malpractice," Bateman chirps over the speaker phone.

Filmmaker Brent Bateman outside Michael
Jackson's Bel-Air home where his homicide
took place.  
"Let's get this straight.  George Stephonopolous, a former press secretary for Bill Clinton is now being paid millions of dollars to deliver television news through these propaganda networks for the federal government.  How any one person in this country can take Fake News, oops...I mean Fox news, seriously when they have Karl Rove as a "political consultant," or give former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee his own show on this treason and felony ridden shill for the Obama cult disguising itself as a television news network, is incomprehensible." Bateman goes on.

As Bateman's Production company, Quad City Pictures begins it's negotiations for the 2013 Production of, "The Fantasy," a musical drama based on Bateman's real life experience as a Disc Jokey at one of the most premier strip clubs in Los Angeles, Brent alludes to some of the stars he's written roles for in this juicy drama surrounding the strip club industry.

"I cannot announce who will appear in "The Fantasy," just yet, but it will make headline news around the world.  We have one film legend and four pop music icons who will star in this film, so it will be eye candy for everyone," Bateman said from his suite high above the Las Vegas strip.

"My announcement Monday will alter the near monopoly the mainstream media has over the people, and as I said yesterday, the people of America will stand up and cheer like Rocky."

We can only wait till Monday's Press Conference to announce the real October surprise.

By: Staci Radcliff 

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