Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bill & Hillary Clinton are MASS MURDERERS: Evidence HERE

Newswire.  Las Vegas - Daily News Press has obtained the "exclusive" and almost non-existent documentary film that proves beyond a shadow a doubt to anyone with a 3rd grade educational level, that Slick Closet BALL SUCKER Willy Jefferson Clinton and his CUNT MURDERER closet DKYE pussy licker wife Hillary are full-on mass murderers.  BILL & HILLARY CLINTON ORDERED the MURDERS of more than 112 PEOPLE on their trip to take over the White House.   It was Hill-Hill that  staged the "kidnapping PLOT of Christopher Stevens with Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soeotoro, along with openly-proud COMMUNIST Valrie Jarrett and MURDEROUS CIA HIT-MAN and 9.11.2001 ARCHITECT JOHN BRENNAN, and they all fucked up their own SELF-CREATED SCRIPTED and  BOTCHED CIA KIDNAPPING PLOT-JOB of Christopher Stevens, while these communists, who also murdered Muammar Gaddafi, were moving Libya's army's 500,000 TONS OF GUNS from a murderous CIA COMPOUND in Bengazhi, with the help of the FILTHY MURDEROUS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, that was the ONLY REASON that closet homosexual COMMUNIST Christopher Stevens was raped anally repeatedly by these barbaric creatures calling themselves muslim, before he was murdered.  THERE WAS NO EMBASSY in BEngazhi, it was a murderous CIA compound stealing the ARMY of LIBYA's guns.

In fact, Bill Clinton ran the largest cocaine operation in the United States of America from a small little air strip in Mena, Arkansas.  Really...It's all here in the following clips for the whole world to see and learn about.  Oh....And all you racist and ignorant BLACKS out there, Bill and Hillary Clinton had RON BROWN murdered in that PLANE CRASH, and they also MURDERED VINCENT FOSTER.  In by that I mean, they ordered these people MURDERED via their MURDER-syndicate and then along with the BUSH FAMILY murder-syndicate; the CIA, and because of Clinton's drug dealing and all the money he stole from the State of Arkansas via his Governorship,  BILL and HILL had enough BLOOD MONEY to play at the assassin-ous CIA table.  Bill Clinton was PERFECT, thus why they sold this murderer off as the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT before Ovomit was given his crown of darkness.  This has all been staged long long ago, and now their game is OVER.

GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"These are a few of the MURDEROUS COMMUNISTS who have hijacked America, its 100% of it's state and federal courts courts, and its entire state and federal congresses.  Enough is Enough!!  It's time to MARCH on Washington DC with LOADED GUNS per the Untied States Constitution of America.  We need to BAND TOGETHER every single state Militia and together plan a day over the Internet, and then on that chosen day, 50 MILLION GUN OWNERS MARCH on the CAPITAL of the United States CAPITOL BUILDING.  We have this right under the REAL CONSTITUTION of the United States of America, trust me.  I know the REAL CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS OF THIS LAND better than these murderous assassin communists, and I have WON, and they know it, including the murderous assassin and mass murders JOHN BRENNAN, the BUSH CLAN, the CLINTON CLAN, and all their pig fuckers who have played along with their charades, they will all face justice soon enough, including the grotesque and treason 96% of the United States and WORLD MEDIA "  Bateman says as he grabs a taxi on the Vegas strip.

By:  Frainlin T. Benjamin in Las Vegas

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