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Legal Assassin Barry Soetoro Hired Mass Murderer John Brennan to MURDER Obama Passport Records Man

Just moments before President Barack Obama was to speak to reporters during a surprise press conference, our Republican  Insider sends this message of warning to all those opposed to the big government globalist agenda of the Obama White House and Democratic and Republican leadership.
(If anyone in Washington D.C. knows where the bodies are buried, it’s John Brennan, D.C. Intelligence Mafioso since the Clinton administration.  And is that the voice of Valerie Jarrett whispering globalist goodies into his ear piece?) 
RI:  I recently gave you a rundown of my beliefs regarding the threat of globalism and how the leadership in the Republican Party must change if we are to have the ability to actually slow down or defeat that movement.  I am going to elaborate on that a little bit.  Spent the last two weeks communicating with a whole lot of people inside and outside the D.C. corridor on topics ranging from the Hagel and Brennan picks, to rumors another Supreme Court position is about to open up.
You asked me what I thought about Hagel and Brennan.  I’ll just tell you that both of the picks are designed more to give Obama cover than actually put in place competent people in those positions.  The president has John Kerry, messed up the delivery on Rice, and then threw us Hagel and Brennan.  Of those two, I am much more concerned with the Brennan pick actually.  The Mainstream Media has avoided any mention of Brennan’s significant role in the Benghazi tragedy.  Only some of the secondary media have discussed it which means about 90% of Americans have no clue how involved the guy is with not only the policies that led to that fiasco, but more importantly, the cover-up that followed.  And it’s not just Benghazi.  Brennan is big on those drones, and that alone is reason why Obama gave him the CIA position.  And if you take the roads of CIA, State, NSA, DHS, and FBI for the last four years, they all led to John Brennan.  And then he would answer directly to Jarrett.
Now I want to elaborate more on this Brennan thing to make sure I’m being absolutely clear here.  First, take Brennan’s own history.  He was a big part of the GW Bush era right?  But what people who say they are paying attention seem to forget is that he was also a player in the Bill Clintonadministration as well.  Late 90′s.  Now I’m going to share with you something told to me from (WHI)  who I am praying gets back in the fight with us on all of this because what they know about that time and how it applies to this time would really be helpful to us.  John Brennan was instrumental in delaying an American response against Osama Bin Laden.  His position then was all about calculated risk.  In fact, if you take Brennan’s position back then when America could have taken Bin Laden out, it sounds very similar to the version you received that came from Valerie Jarrett when she was manipulating the president’s delayed response to the Bin Laden raid of 2011.  So we have a guy now being considered for the Obama CIA who was instrumental in the terrorist attack of  September 11th through his work both in the Clinton and GW Bush administrations. Someone who I feel was as much an architect of 9-11 as Osama Bin Laden.   A guy who was also instrumental in the raid on the Bin Laden compound of 2011.  The guy who announced the Seal Team Six involvement that likely led to some of them being shot out of the sky a short time later.  The guy who has helped to develop the Obama drone program, the kill lists that Obama loves so much, and who admitted publicly of drone strikes throughout North Africa and the Middle East.  Strikes with basically no Congressional oversight.  Strikes that if you look over the timeline, became predictors of conflict hotspots in those same areas.  Brennan’s drones would go in, create some isolated destruction and chaos, and then much larger chaos in those locations would then follow.
Let’s bring in the Benghazi issue then.  Brennan is head of the president’s National Counterterrorism group.  During his time there he has worked very closely with our favorite FBI Director, Mr. Eric Holder.  (NOTE:  Eric Holder is ofcourse Barack Obama’s Attorney General – and in that capacity oversees the FBI) Their work has resulted in the single greatest expansion of police state surveillance on American citizens in the history of this country.  Once again, the mainstream media is silent on this fact.  Remember, it was the FBI who Obama said he sent to Benghazi to investigate the attack that killed four Americans.  It was the FBI who delayed that investigation because they said it was too dangerous and it’s the Holder FBI who says the investigation is “ongoing”.  Right.  The cover-up is right there in front of everyone but this Obama administration doesn’t care.  They know there isn’t enough people wanting to challenge them so they’ll just go right on lying to us.  So who do you think had the authority to write up the notes for Susan Rice to lie  over and over again to the public when she was sent out after  the Benghazi story broke?  John Brennan was the guy.  He was the one who took out all mention of terrorism.  He was the one helped to fabricate the false anti-Islam video narrative.  And for his good work, he’s given the CIA position with what I’m sure is the directive to keep Benghazi and who knows what else,  covered up.  And to continue to expand the surveillance program on American citizens.  And to certainly keep expanding the Obama drone program both domestically and abroad.  John Brennan is a hardcore globalist nightmare who is helping set the stage for the next four years and beyond.
Now I’m really going to step out on the ledge here because like you told me, this forum gives me an opportunity to do that without fear of reprisals.  So here it goes.  I am putting to you the very real possibility that John Brennan wanted Osama Bin Laden alive in the late 90s so the events that developed into September 11th, 2001 could take place.  Read that again and if you are asking yourself if I’m really saying what I’m saying, the answer is yes.  And I’m also going to say that what was going on in Benghazi in the months and weeks before the more recent September 11th attacks are very similar to what Brennan was coordinating during his years inside the Clintonadministration.  Bin Laden had become a liability and a tool for some serious propaganda.  Benghazi was part of something to create another Bin Laden.  I want you to think back on America before the 2001 attacks, and after.  What has happened since then?  A huge expansion of the federal government, even further expansion of the United Nations, the destruction of the U.S. dollar, the rise of China.  All of this in just a decade.  Imagine if another similar event, perhaps one with even more destruction, were to take place?  How much greater and faster and more complete will the globalist expansion be then?
Let me bring in our current Republican leadership on this topic.  Senator Graham is making a little noise on Brennan.  He is at least tipping people off that it’s the Brennan pick that is the far more dangerous one vs Hagel.  Hagel is more of a PR tool.  Former Republican now working for a Democratic president etc.  Like you already covered in your article on him, Hagel is a version of a globalist himself though, and he never really was a Republican, so he gets the approval from Jarrett.  But Graham is right to place more attention on Brennan.  But how far will someone like Senator Graham actually demand the truth about Benghazi during a confirmation hearing?  I don’t have any confidence in him at all.  None.  Graham runs scared.  Him and McCain are the same on that.  Both of them are so worried about being liked they forget their job as Republican Senators is not to get along but to represent the voters who put them there in the first place.
So that brings me back to the 2014 midterms.  I know some of your readers complain that I’m jumping to the next battle but I have no choice.  That’s what I see in front of me now.  Where is that Tea Party motivation from 2010?  If conservatives don’t rise up again and take seats back in the Congress, then the chips will really start to fall around us.  The word has gone out that every big issue is going to be in play in the coming months.  Immigration, guns, taxes, spending, military budget, environmental regulations, all of it.  The whole progressive globalist agenda is going to be pushed into the open and accelerated during Obama’s second term and the only thing standing in the way of that agenda being completed are the few remaining true conservatives in Congress. They want to destroy conservatives, and they’re doing it.  Day by day.  Conservatism is dying.  I see it all around me now.  People who just a few months ago would have spoken up are silent.  If 2014 does not go well enough for us, then those two Supreme Court positions Jarrett talked about having wrapped up before the election, will happen.  I have no doubt about it now.
As you know, normally I’m a much more upbeat kind of guy but things around here are getting pretty somber.  We have no power.  No leadership.  No focus.  It’s pathetic.  I want to respect these people, as human beings if nothing else, but they are really making it hard to do that.  I am very worried about 2014.  I sense some kind of set up around here and I’m not the only one.  Something is up.  Things don’t feel right.  The debt ceiling issue.  We were all promised a real fight but now the word is out that some kind of deal is already in the works that basically caves and kicks the can down the road again.  Nobody wants to lead around here.  And the ones who speak up are shut down and threatened.  I’m talking terrible kinds of threats too.  Not just committee positions.  Quality of life things.  It’s gotten really strange and weird for some of us up here.
Sorry for the downer update but that’s my frame of mind right now.  Something is really wrong right now and I don’t have a clue how to fix it beyond praying the voters do the right thing in 2014.  If (WHI) calls Eric Holder the Obama adminstration’s firewall, then how about the American people make 2014 the firewall for liberty and freedom for the country?  Of course then I have to ask why should they?  How can we trust the politician who calls themselves Republican or Conservative who then turns right around and joins up with the globalists in Congress and the White House?
By:  Brent Bateman via The Ulsterman Report   

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