Saturday, January 19, 2013


Newswire.  Los Angeles.  The first ever COMMUNIST MURDERER CZAR, John Brennan, who was appointed by murderous FRAUD and illegal alien, crack smoking down low homosexual filthy muslim communist, Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, the first ever ILLEGAL ALIEN MURDERER COMMUNIST ASSASSIN to be placed illegally into the White House by the filthy murderous and mostly drug addicted CIA, and the grotesque kike jews of Israel's murderous Mossad.  And by the way, the murderous and child molesting Bush family has owned and controlled the CIA since the 1960's.

 John Brennan, who in cold blood, executed Nate Spence, Larry Bland, and Donald Young, as all three of these black males were all TRICKS or LOVERS of the crack smoking homosexual illegal alien Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barro Soetoro, and were all members of the white hating racist "so-called" Trinity Church of Chicago.   Closet dyke Oprah Winfrey was a charter member of Trinity Church for nearly four years in the 1980's, and it was only until her "WHITE" management told her she would lose her audience if people found out that she was a member of such a hateful and racist organization, thus why she quietly only supported the white hating church via CASH donations.


In the meantime, John Brennan has worked murdering and assassinating people all over thee world for thee communist movement in the Untied States headed by the George Bush II family, the mass murderers Bill and Hillary Clinton, and now the illegal alien filthy muslim legal assassin murderer illegally placed in the White House by the communist and murderous CIA. 

By:  Timmy Russertt and Anthony Snowey in Chicago. 

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