Friday, January 18, 2013

FRAUD Filmmaker STALKED by Federal Government

Newswire. Los Angeles - In what seems to be a full-on contrived effort by mass murderer John Breenan, the Obama HIT-MAN and CIA mass murderer who was the "BLUE-PRINT" designer for the 9.11 Mass Murders in New York, via help from his good mass murdering communists buddies Bill and Hillary Cliinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and George H. Bush I and George H. Bush II, seems to be sending FRAUD Filmmaker BRENT BATEMAN some kind of warning via his RACE FOR THE TRUTH YOUTUBE account.

According to FRAUD Filmmaker BRENT BATEMAN, another stalker from a YOUTUBE account called john lawman, that is stalking now Bateman's RACE FOR THE TRUTH YOUTUBE page,only ONE HOUR after releasing 45 MINUTES FREE of Bateman's FRAUD film to the world public at large, Bateman said the following message was sent to his RACE FOR THE TRUTH e-mail account.  This is only hours after telling people in his Los Angeles area home and over the phone that John Brennan was going to be ripped apart piece by piece when the people of the world learn what he has done to mankind.

In what is NOW an obvious case of illegal wiretapping, and possible stagging to take-out Bateman or murderer him and blame some random incident as these mass murdering communists do, Bateman continues to laugh it off.

"My FRAUD documentary film's wide release is singly handedly going to bring down the Barack Hussein Obama murderous and genocidal communist cult, and the Bush and Clinton mass murdering communists, and it will begin the chain reaction of the arrest, jailing, and conviction of several thousand mass murderers and and treasonous and genocidal parasites who have hijacked America by grotesque DESIGN.

"I received two strange texts from my business manager that he was not available to talk with me on the phone.  The next one came right afterward and said he was at a cinema.  These two texts cam into my phone while I was on the phone with my business manager, proving that there was a third party eavesdropping illegally on our conversation and had just "PLANTED" two texts from my business manager to me as if to suggest some sort of SET-UP."

In this RUN FOR THE GUNS, we can only watch and see what the people are going to do when these parasitic genocidal scum communist of planet earth is cornered without his guns, his bought and paid for assassins, and his shield of mass-murdering-darkness this human being is capable of orchestrating and administering the world.


By:  Valarie Reno in Las Vegas 

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