Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Indiana Man Files Federal Lawsuit: Kenyan Born Barack Hussein Obama's Conspiracy to Overthrow the Untied States Government

Newswire.  Los Angeles - As the last World Revolution begins in this amazing age of Aquarius, we now know with 100% certainty that Barry Soeotoro, along with filthy cunt closet dkye murderer Hillary Clinton, staged the kidnapping PLOT of United States FAKE Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, a closet homosexual communist, at a CIA COMPOUND in Bengazhi, that was in the process of moving 500,000 tons of GUNS that the United States and a few other rouge nations stole from Gaddafi's army, after the drug addicted CIA staged the Muammar Gaddafi murder, just eight months after he announced to the world that Libya would create their own currency for oil, which would have collapsed the United States Dollar.

So, the murderous and mostly shameful homosexual assassins of the CIA, the George W. Bush ONE and TWO controlled illegal United States operation for 45 years and running, murdered Gaddafi, with murderer Hillary Cllinton's help, and then they staged a kidnapping PLOT while they rigged the United States 2012 Election, while TREASONOUS PIG FUCKER MITT ROMNEY played along like the pig fucker he is.

NOW...the best part of this....100% of the Filthy KIKE JEW controlled MEDIA of the world knows this with 100% certainty and there is not ONE BREAKING NEWS STORY on by ONE media outlet in America.

This was all staged with the MURDEROUS and FILTHY MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, to kidnap Christopher Stevens, the closet homosexual plant at the CIA compound in Bengazhi, in order for the illegal Kenyan born murderer to then "negotiate" the release of Stevens, to make the murderous filthy cult called muslim more acceptable in the Untied States and to make the filthy crack smoking homosexual FRAUD muslim, illegal alien, Kenyan born in the white house, to look like some sort of world negotiator, and as a savior, while this now LEGAL ASSASSIN Barry Soetoro, continues his quest to take over the world with the filthy muslims, the drug addicted mostly homosexual CIA and FBI,  and the genocidal kike jews of Israel's Mossad.   It's not going to happen, trust me and the 330 MILLION true America Citizens who care about the world's population, without the need for GENOCIDAL and MURDEROUS CULTS called Religion, and we have begun our WORLD REVOLT around the world to restore peace, order, and prosperity to the world for eternity.

There was NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, an Embassy in Bengazi...it was a CIA compound...and as the murderous assassins Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, lied to the world as they staged this kidnapping PLOT to stage an election victory in America for Barry Soeotoro, the filthy muslim plant that the George Bush II and the filthy KIKE JEW MURDERERS of the Mossad placed into OUR White House illegally, murderously, and treasonously, will face justice soon enough via the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  GAME OVER.

In the LIGHT, there is NO RELIGION, and this REVELATION is going to banish most of the evil and their sheeple into the darkness for eternity, and those who cannot follow along with be blinded and burned by the light.

By:  Alan Lieberman in Las Vegas 

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  1. YES YES YES. Finally a jew telling the truth about these filthy grotesque creatures.