Friday, January 18, 2013

FRAUD Filmmaker's Television Reporter Tape Uncovered: Exclusive Footage

Newswire.  Las Vegas.  As Superstar BRENT BATEMAN is now negotiating another multi-million dollar film deal for his distribution firm, RACE FOR THE TRUTH this month in sin city Las Vegas, Daily News Press has uncovered "exclusive" footage of the Former television reporter, who worked for CBS and covered the 1996 Presidential Election in Iowa and Illinois.

"I learned in my 20's that the government is not once single ounce different than Hollywood.  It's full of communists who pretend to actually care about the 9 MILLION homeless children who still do not each day on the streets of America, while these people sit in 40 million dollar homes with 14 assistants, all on the taxpayer dime.  Imagine that for one minute, and then ask me a serious question next time," Bateman gripes as he walks out of the hotel bar lounge, throwing a twenty dollar bill on the bar top.

I can say one thing for certain. Brent Bateman is the future of Hollywood, and the world is about to catch on.

By:  Alan Lieberman in Las Vegas 

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