Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cookies To College to Launch Nationwide Buddy Ball Lottery

Los Angeles, CA - Cookies To College announced today that it will be launching the Buddy Ball Lottery this coming spring in what some are calling a bold move by the organization's Founder, Brent Bateman.

As a non-profit, Cookies To College will be taking advantage of their ability to conduct the first ever 50-State Lottery game, and Bateman says he hopes to eventually compete with the Powerball game, now currently held in 42 states across America.

"We have the opportunity to conduct a lottery in every state in the country.  We're going to make it possible to buy tickets right from your computer, your smart phones, and your local gas station or bingo hall.  And unlike the states, we will be giving our proceeds directly back to local school districts based on how many tickets each district sells."

With the power of technology and the internet, Cookies To College is banking on the simplicity of buying a Buddy Ball Lottery ticket to compete with the Powerball, and according the Lottery Management System's Executive Director Jim McMahon, the Buddy Ball Lottery is just the right recipe for fundraising success.

"While these state lotteries are essentially spending 80% of their profits reinvesting in their lotteries, we have created a formula to give back directly to each local area, and that will make the difference in buying patterns for our customers.  Knowing they are giving back to their local schools, they will most certainly want to play our lottery instead."

With 80 Stores already on board to install Buddy Ball Lottery terminals in Brooklyn, New York, beginning in February, it won't be too long before we see Buddy the Cookie and the Buddy Ball Lottery at a store or club near you.

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