Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ron Paul: Three Way Tie in Florida Primary Poll

Sarasota, FL - The Florida Republican Presidential Primary just released it's Poll Results.

Florida's Presidential Race Is All Tied Up!

2,108 Florida Republicans From

62 Of The 67 Counties In Florida Submit Votes!

Candidate Total Votes Percentage Of The Vote
Newt Gingrich 536 25%
Mitt Romney 536 25%
Ron Paul 498 24%
Rick Santorum 226 11%
Michele Bachmann 136 6%
Rick Perry 95 5%
Jon Huntsmans 34 2%
Other 42 2%

*Gary Johnson was included in the poll, but has since suspended his campaign to become the Republican Presidential Nominee. He received 5 votes (0%) of the vote.

Screen Shot Of The Results


View The Poll Online


Republican Activist,
After months of campaigning by our various candidates the Iowa Caucus has finally arrived and later today we will see the results as the race for the Republican Nomination has officially begun.
As you can see from the results from our online Poll Florida is still up a toss up. The Republican Party of Sarasota Online poll received votes from 2,108 activist from 62 out of the 67 Florida Counties.
Now is the time to support the candidate of your choice to help him/her win but we must soon turn our attention to November and unite in our efforts to make sure that we retire Bill Nelson and replace Barrack Obama with our Nominees.
Thanks for being informed and engaged.

Joe Gruters Chairman, Republican Party of Sarasota.

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