Sunday, January 1, 2012

Obama's Black Panthers Call for the Killing of White People

Los Angeles, CA - In the Ovomitnation that we live in, it's no surprise that 90% of black people in America voted for the international counterfeit criminal felon, down low crack smoking homosexual fraud, Barry Soetoro, simple because he was 6% black.

With the sponsorship and participation of the criminal United States federal government, we continue to see more racism towards the white man in America, and it seems that Jews and Blacks have perfected the art of shakedown in this great nation.  If you're a Jew, just cry Holocaust, and if your a black, just cry slavery.

It's a grotesque never ending way for these two races to continue spreading hatred and racism, while blaming all of their misfortunes and misgivings in life on the white man. With the recent wave of the New Black Panthers Party cheating and conducting illegal intimidation at voting booths nationwide, and the help and financial assistance of the treasonous Obama administration, it's shocking to see so many black racists alive and well in America.

Make no mistake, Jews and blacks breed their children this way and they instill in their future racist children that they are in fact very different than the white man in so many ways.  If you have ever sat in a Jewish temple on Saturday you would puke at what these racist people say about the world outside their Jew world.

While the treasonous media continues to shake down the white race and the Christians of the land of the free, it's only the few brave men who will stand up and tell the truth.

By:  Brent Bateman


  1. Black people are the downfall of all countries around the world! South Africa needs a man like David Duke.

  2. David Duke was spot on in the 80's and no one listened to him. The Jews have destroyed the world, and blacks have ruined America.

    Truth Be Told.

  3. Brent, you are an idiot! You are painting Blacks and Jews with a broad brush. Where is your facts? You printed this trash with no facts, percentages or quotes from reputable officials.

    I wish you would make comments like that to a jewish man's face like me. I am 6ft 4in 250 and fought as an Infantryman in Iraq and Afghanistan. You wouldn't be talking long before I put you to sleep. You are jealous of how successful Jewish people become. Jewish people embrace Christians. You are ignorant and a social retard! Coward!

  4. Bateman has hit the nail on the head here. And you, the big scary Jew...go lose weight you fat ass. Jews are a parasite on the world.