Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How Ron Paul Really Won the Iowa Caucus

Des Moines, IA - Although the Zionist controlled media of the United States continues to pretend Ron Paul still does not matter, here's a few things to ponder after last night's Iowa Caucus.

With the Iowa Caucus, the Paul campaign was smart enough to inform their voters to become delegates at the end of the Caucus vote.  In most of the counties Ron Paul took, all of the delegates are his supporters, as well as all of the alternates.

Enter Delegate count.  With a three way tie going into New Hampshire, we know the shameful homosexual Anderson Cooper and the Zionist lobbyist Wolf Blitzer keep forgetting to tell their fleabagging audience...The delegates can change their mind and vote for anyone at the convention.

Translation.  Ron Paul wins Iowa.  If you look at the most support coming to the Ron Paul campaign, you will notice that Paul picked up nearly 60% of all independents and former Democrats who cannot stomach the filthy Muslim usurper-in-thief, Barry Soetoro.

I cannot wait to see the look on all of these treasonous propaganda shows on the air when they have to address Ron Paul as Mr. President.

The Revolution has arrived.

By:  Brent Bateman


  1. you should not use the word homosexual when you are talking about someone. i am a homosexual and i support ron paul. you make it out like all homosexulas are like him and we are not.

  2. There is nothing wrong with what he says about the shameful homosexuals. I'm a gay man in Arizona, and what the writer I think is trying to say is how shameful Cooper and his kind are. Just like Obama, another homosexual fraud.

  3. Obama is the worst person in the world. He is a loser puppet and doesn't even deserve to live in this physical world. He will get his day trapped in hell working for the devil. Ron Paul 2012!

  4. Brent get a life.I am a huge fan of Ron Paul but I am not a fan of people espousing homophobic racist comments like this article. Get a life.

  5. Zane, you must be a jew. There is nothing at all racist about what Bateman wrote. Jews have perfected the art of shakedown in America.

  6. Israel is the #1 terrorist state in the world, and only Bateman, Alex Jones, and a few other real JOURNALISTS have the balls and courage to tell the truth.

    Thank you for speaking the truth Mr. Bateman.

  7. I agree about not using homosexual as a derogitory term. While I am "straight",I don't think homophobic, or racist or anti-Jewish for that matter, comments should be used ANYWHERE near the Ron Paul campaign.
    Of course, I am 100% for exposing the Zionists and Israel, but it has nothing to do with anyone's personal religious beliefs!

  8. I have to agree, any terms that can be taken in a derogatory way should not be associated with the Ron Paul campaign. They could turn potential votes away and we cannot take that chance. We need every vote we can get, even if by some chance we are in the lead anywhere.