Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quad City Pictures Releases Ron Paul T-Shirt Line

Los Angeles, CA - In light of the recent surge in poll numbers nationwide for Texas Congressman Ron Paul in the Republican Presidential primaries, Los Angeles based production company Quad City Pictures, has released a line of T-Shirts that are sure to capture his monumental presidential bid in this historical election year.

Quad City Pictures is currently in negotiations to released its documentary film, Fraud, an explosive and shocking feature that exposes the truth of the Barry Soetoro fraud, along with the crimes Barack Hussein Obama has committed, with the help of the entire United Stated Federal government.

"Ron Paul is the only person who is not controlled by the Zionists Hebrews of Israel.  In Hollywood, you are blacklisted for saying these kinds of things, but it's true.  The whole world is waking up to the Fraud, the treasonous media, and the rest of the criminals stealing our money.  Wait until November.  Ron Paul is going to win the Presidency and we can restore America together," says Quad City Pictures Brent Bateman.

By:  Newswire

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