Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why Ron Paul will Landslide the 2012 Election

Los Angeles, CA - When Abraham Lincoln traveled to Springfield, Illinois, to being his law career, it was the people along the way that helped to shape and mold his character.  When Barry Soetoro began his fake and forged law career, it was communism, Islam, and socialism that surrounded him to mold his hateful and racist character.

When Ron Paul honorably served his country in the military, it was the thousands of babies he delivered that shaped and molded his character along the way.  If you've ever been witness to giving birth, you will understand that the doctors who choose this career path are not only a different breed, but one that essentially is a savior of humanity.

While Barry Soetoro and the entire United States federal government continue its charade of an illegal alien, racist Muslim, usurper, holding the office of President of the United States, and its Zionist Hebrew Jew controlled world press participating in the biggest fraud in the history of world, the Citizens of America have finally begun to wake up to this grotesque game of world dominance, treason, and world wide genocide.

With the passage of the NDAA, the Bill of Right in America has been instantly destroyed.  With the recent TSA agency scandals and the unconstitutional Patriot Act, our liberties are being snatched up quickly, and most of the sheeple in this country are standing around picking their asses wondering what the hell just happened to their freedoms and their rights.  What happened to your liberties?

Enter Ron Paul.  Although the Democratic and Republicans parties are the exact same thing - Progressive Communists, they play a game in Washington, using your money, and pretend they are working hard to make your life better.  Stop the Presses.

Ron Paul represents the 85% of Americans who know that the government is full of liars, cheaters, and thieves.  And with the Tea Party revolution, they have exposed the communists who controlled the media through the 100% Jewish controlled world press.  Did you know there are 23 CIA agents embedded in the Associated Press to control the world news via the Israeli Hebrews of Israel.

It took three years for the Ovomit Cult to take to the streets, but these ignorant and hatefully arrogant sheeple targeted the same people who bought and paid for the White House to illegally elect Barry Soetoro. Wall Street paid for the placement of another Zionist controlled puppet to sever the interest of Israel and their manipulation of the world through their illegal Federal Reserve and the treasonous and repugnant world media.

The more the media attacks Ron Paul, the bigger his crowds grow.  The more the media attacks his character, the more donations he gets.  The more those puke faced closet homosexuals Chris Wallace and Jack Tapper lie on national television about Dr. Paul, the more millions of supports Ron Paul gains.

This is the year to give liberty and the pursuit of happiness back to the people of America.  If you believe in the constitution and the importance of the Bill of Rights, you must vote for Dr. Ron Paul.  He's the only salvation from the new world order, you know, that bullshit story people used to call a conspiracy theory.

Turns out, the moon, JFK, 9.11, and the birth certificate all turned out to be conspiracies as well, not theories.

By:  Brent Bateman



  2. Finally.....someone with the courage to tell it like it is....

    Thank you. Shared!!!

  3. I agree whole heartedly. I'm just not sure that the sheeple all get it yet. I am still doing daily battle with them, trying to show them the light.